Month: February 2010

With the critical inch, priorities are a cinch!

One of the biggest issues my clients face is what I call, being bloated at the banquet of life; overfed but undernourished. It manifests in the nagging experience of being both overwhelmed yet unfulfilled. I hear the same complaint over and over, that points to a lack of clarity and satisfaction on what are their… Read more »

If You Don’t Throw the Ball Back, There’s No Game

Not only is life a laboratory for learning (a luscious one I might add) but it’s also a game as well. Clients come to me from time to time trying to resolve upsets or disagreements they are having with people in their lives; personally and professionally. Maybe it’s their 8 year old son who knows it… Read more »

Luscious Life Lesson: Create a Possibility Posse

When one finally decides to surrender one’s membership to the BMW (Bitch, Moan, Whine) Club, with all its perks, one might worry, “What in the world will take its place?” To which I say, “Create a Possibility-Posse” instead. While initially it may feel cathartic to spew your discontent and have it sent back at you,… Read more »