Month: January 2012

The Deliciousness of Deleting

Deliciousness has many flavors and nuances to it. It can be a wonderful summer night, the first taste of watermelon, or a slow dance with your sweetheart. But deliciousness also has a practical side that can bring about just as much peace and joy. And I call that the deliciousness of deleting. One of the… Read more »

Don’t Get Nailed By E-mail!

Getting nailed by e-mail looks like the following things: 1) Have an e-mail exchange that would have served you better via phone or in person so you could get those extra cues we need as human beings, i.e. voice, body language, pauses, etc. 2) Frittering a whole morning of time away in a trail of… Read more »

The Body Doesn’t Lie!

One of my daily mantras that I attempt to live by is “The Body Doesn’t Lie.” I have recently become a fan of Adele’s work, her emotional depth, the pure exquisiteness of her voice, and her very creative videos. Being a fellow “hour glass figure with extra sand in the hourglass” type of gal has… Read more »

Take Your Vitamin F Daily!

About a month ago, I connected with a new colleague who is quickly becoming a good friend. She embodies what I call “Vitamin F (fun).” She’s just totally fun to be with and no matter how mundane the action may be, like grabbing a soup at Pret a Manger, it somehow becomes an adventure where… Read more »