Month: February 2016

Have the difficult conversation NOW

Peggy Klaus ​is right on how important it is to really communicate even when you’re on fumes, or especially when you’re on fumes: She’s the consummate master of communication. My Lois-ism for this is: Having the difficult conversation NOW will allow your life to feel easier in the FUTURE.

Blame and Responsibility are a lot like Bread and Butter

I love this post by Seth Godin: To me, it’s all about taking responsibility and the power of doing so.We live in a culture that conflates blame with responsibility and therefore we resist taking responsibility because we haven’t distinguished the difference.   My Lois-ism for that is: Blame and Responsibility are a lot like Bread and… Read more »

Lessons from my Animal Mentor, Mr. Klybie

I’m at my friend Vicky’s home and Klybie, her Wonder Dog, has ants in his pants, he whimpers, barks and runs around a bit. She smiles knowing exactly what he needs, and says to him, “Sing Klybie Sing,” and he literally sings out: When he’s done, he sits quietly and restfully back down in his… Read more »


Love the pure passion Gretchen has for reading: I have En-Spiration, for how much she reads. En-spiration is a Lois-isms,  En-Spiration: using Envy as a road map to Create a Life that Inspires You.  As far as my reading I love to read on the elliptical bike or any exercise equipment it helps me exercise my brain… Read more »

“Don’t Stay out in the Cold,” learn h

“Don’t Stay out in the Cold,” learn how to make your February Fabulous with these great products from the Astro Twins: What I LOVE about them, feisty, fun and seriously spot on with their astrology and lifestyle advice!

Common Sense…Uncommonly Practiced

They say social graces are having a comeback. I say they never left but have been dormant in their use. This is part of a series I call: Common Sense…Uncommonly Practiced. I find when I do them, I not only stand out, but feel more connected to my community around me and as a result,… Read more »