Month: October 2020

Grace. Guidance. Grit.

One of the “unexpected blessings” from the pandemic is that for the last 7 months pretty much every day I start my day with 10 minutes of meditation. It’s a combination of just focusing on my breathing, or working with a mantra, or listening to Tamara Levitt, from Daily Calm. I’m not sure if I’m… Read more »

Write Thank You Cards Often!

Growing up I HAD to write a thank you card for any small or large gesture, gift, or act of kindness. I couldn’t stand it. I’d complain to my mother, “Let them not give it to me, I feel the pressure.” It was my childhood version of “eating your spinach” (which by the way I… Read more »

Marry the Actions. Divorce the Results.

I’m not sure exactly where or when I heard that pithy non-LOIS-ism bon mot (french for a tasty little sound bite!) but it hit me right between my literary eyes. BRILLIANT! Today I got to experience it first hand before 8am. I stepped on the scale, my weekly Monday morning ritual since discovering my COVID-19… Read more »

Two words that can help overcome The Imposter Syndrome

One of the gifts I get to do in my business is work with really smart courageous women who are up to a big game in life. It totally lights me up! But what I find is often those same women struggle with a well-known challenge known as The Imposter Syndrome. This is not to… Read more »

Express Don’t Explode!

We know that when we’re angry we often feel like we’re going to explode if we don’t say something, pretty human! But we also know that if we do we will often have a lot of damage control to clean up and leave a wake of bodies in our path. Anger, like anxiety, often carries… Read more »

Stop Beiging Yourself Out!

I look to nature as the great teacher for so many things, trust in the cycle of life, the omnipresence of abundance and grace, and most lately; CELEBRATING YOUR MOST VIVID VIBRANT BEAUTIFUL SELF TO THE WORLD. Stop beiging yourself out! As kids, we are so connected to all of our multi-faceted fabulousness, and then… Read more »

Take Pleasure Lovin’ on People; ESPECIALLY the unsung heroes

My Mom, Edie, was the Love Ambassador of the Underdog, she almost always made the unappreciated appreciated; and then some. To see people light up by simply being loved on, was one of the most important memories of my life. Yesterday, I truly was reminded of the pleasure of lovin’ on people. The saga of… Read more »