Month: October 2020

Common Sense; Uncommonly Practiced

Today I woke up to a lovely email from a dear friend who knows me for several decades, wished me luck on my upcoming radio interview, and told me “I was Rockin it!” My first response was to say, “Thanks, I appreciate that but I’m not blah blah blah (fill in the blanks) and to… Read more »

Think Career Translation versus Career Transition

“Wow, great cake, would love to know who the baker is,” I said to the well-coiffed 30 something woman seated next to me at my coaching client’s bridal shower. “Thanks, actually I baked it. I’m a bridal and wedding cake baker.” “Wow, it’s rare for a cake to both look and tastes great!” “Yup, I… Read more »

Finishing Strong Series, Give Yourself a Free Day

Today my plans got canceled for the day. I was supposed to visit a colleague and a friend about an hour away, and celebrate her new home! The non-stop report for “showers all day” in both our turfs put an end to our agenda. It was a bummer but we’ll reschedule, no biggie! I noticed… Read more »

The Power of Asking

One of my COVID projects is to launch a new website, and every month the heel marks got a little lighter, and knock on wood the new site will hopefully be up the end of October, mid-November. The last few days I’ve been working on the testimonial page, and truly touched by all the amazing… Read more »

What if we got Curious About our Anger

In my first coaching training program, 15 years ago, I had to answer what to me was one of the most powerful questions. “What is the hardest feeling for you to feel?” “Anger.” It fascinated me at the time, how quickly it poured out of me, because 800 clients later when I ask my clients… Read more »

Happy Women…Happy Planet!

When we celebrate each other everyone wins! We have an opportunity as women every moment of every day, to either elevate or knockdown another woman in our lives. And when we opt to take the easy way out and knock them down it’s a tragedy, because we all lose. We send a message that it’s… Read more »

What does finishing strong look like for you in 2020?

This morning I hit a huge amount of resistance to writing my post. My mind, especially in the morning, facing the day often feels like a Maytag washing machine that won’t go to spin dry! I love mornings, I’m one of those (for some) annoying people who don’t drink caffeine and can have totally coherent… Read more »