Month: October 2020

One word that helps me stay in the here and now!

Three years ago, at a family reunion my cousin, Deanne was giving us a yoga class. It was upstate at a Dude Ranch (didn’t see many dudes except the ones in our family gathering and a few others) in the all-purpose room complete with dark paneling and a billiard table in the back. I looked… Read more »

How to Un-Funk Your Day!

Ever wake up with a slew of disappointing personal news (not the trainwreck of news we consume on a local, national and global level) and it’s not even 8am yet? Well that was what my morning was like! A wishlist consulting position that looked very promising, had dropped out of the running. My weight is… Read more »

“I haven’t got time for the pain.”

Today I started my day in a very powerful way. I did my core exercise to Carly Simon’s “I haven’t got time for the pain.” It’s my anthem to give up all forms of drama in my life. We can’t avoid the painful circumstances and feelings that come up in our life, but we can… Read more »