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The facts are in! The companies that inspire more employees to perform better than the rest. Employees that are engaged are better leaders and are more productive and as a result, build stronger more aligned, and vital work cultures. When that happens businesses and teams thrive!

“We all have an inextinguishable light within us, but sometimes life puts us on dimmers!”

LOIS-ism *

The challenges of having to do more with less, working remotely, and feeling isolated have many of us juggling home and work while doing business with barking dogs and screaming children, or others with screaming dogs and barking children in the background. Not easy is an understatement! Greater stress, fear, and self-doubt, we often are just relieved to get through a day, forget about bringing our most alive and engaged selves to the table!

Yet history is living proof that some of our greatest innovations and creativity happened through the darkest of times. Now is no different!

What does the Courage to SPARKLE even mean? How can it help me personally and within my organization?

What’s with all this Sparkle? What’s it have to do with me? Great question? EVERYTHING!

“It don’t mean a thing, if you ain’t got that BLING.”

– LOIS-isms *

You were born to bring your unique gifts to the world, to share who you really are, and to make a difference. It’s not just for some of us but for all of us. When we do that, we not only feel more alive, have more energy, but a greater sense of purpose. We also make better leaders, influencers, and contributors to the world around us!


Just like precious one-of-a-kind gems that we ooh and ahh over, so too are we multi-faceted complex beings.

That’s what prompted me to create my 4C Sparkle Power Principles.

4C’s of Sparkle Power Principle:

What are the 4C Sparkle Power Principles?


When we open our minds through the lens of curiosity, we see the opportunities versus the challenges that face us. We naturally become more solution-focused in our thinking and actions. We shift from “Why is this happening to me? to…What can I learn from this? How can I grow? As a result, innovation and creativity can spring forth. We come out with greater resiliency and grow!


When we open our hearts and treat ourselves and others with greater kindness, generosity, and patience, we feel less stressed, experience greater resiliency, and stronger leadership and positive and productive work cultures.


Clients and customers want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. A connection is the gateway to doing just that!


Taking risks big and small, aligned with who we are and our core values, highest priorities, and our deepest goals, not in the absence of our fear, but right alongside them, is what builds confidence, competence, and forward momentum.

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