Addressing Overwhelm: What Nobody Talks About!

By Lois Barth, Human Development Expert, Speaker, Coach, and Author

Courtesy of Mubariz Mehdizaddeh

We all know the basics of overcoming overwhelm; whether it’s the 3D’s delegate, discern, and ditch, or 2P’s, prioritize and prune. Snappy little soundbites that stick and also have relevance, but alone won’t do the trick.

As a Human Development expert in NYC, I know the first thing about overwhelm. Try putting together seminars, keynotes, and workshops in stress management and mindfulness when your background music is sirens and jackhammering. The irony is not lost on me!

And while I believe in both those different hacks to get things off your plate and enhance your ability to focus and de-stress there’s a whole underbelly that most people don’t understand.

Identities and Beliefs

Unless we are willing to understand the beliefs we’re carrying and the identities we’ve stepped into unwittingly about ourselves, we’ll always be on a “behavior diet,” versus making sustainable changes.

That’s why I offer this simple technique that will calm down your nervous system, pave the way to create foundational changes.

Almost all overwhelm comes from different versions of three different beliefs, “I don’t have enough, I don’t do enough, I’m not enough.” Yup simply that simple. Not saying there’s not a lot on your plate, or conflicting demands, but if we can start simply honoring the beliefs that are fueling the overwhelm and loosening their grip it’ll make a huge difference, then you can bring in the tools mentioned above.

Try this.

Close your eyes. Sit quietly breathe in (through your nose, for a count of 4) pause, breathe out through your mouth (count of 8), and do 5 cycles. Then just quietly say to yourself, “I do enough, I have enough, I am enough.” Repeat that sequence 5 times, Yes, the voices within will yammer away.  Notice those voices and just let them go.

See those three statements as a sacred balm healing your old wounds of not-enoughness. This exercise takes a whopping 5 minutes. Everyone has five minutes to rewire their nervous system.

Once you have cleared your nervous system of many of the core beliefs, then prioritize away. Together they are a dynamic duo. Remember mindset + methodology = miraculous results.

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