“Are you “ready” or are you just “ready to be ready,” for luscious life partnership?”

Many a client has come to me saying in a somewhat (from time to time) frantic tone, “I’m ready for a relationship,” to which I ask them that very same question. Most everyone responds  with an earnest, “Oh I’m definitely ready!,” but when I dig deeper, it becomes abundantly clear, that they are just “ready to be ready.”

How do I know this? There’s often a myriad of ways, that are the tip offs for me, everyone from being unclear what their vision is for their life, and how a partnership does and doesn’t support that, to still holding on to the pain of a past relationship, operating under limiting beliefs that they are totally aware of, or engaging in behaviors that are antithetic towards what they say they want. Invariably, most of the time, I’m right. From my years of working not only with my own clients, but from my own past experience of being what I call “a serial dater,” I see the signs a mile away.

It can be so heartbreaking to want something so bad, and not realize, one is  continuing to shoot themselves in the proverbial relationship foot and not know it. So after many years, and witnessing both many heartbreaks but also many victories, I’ve created a workshop that revolves around the three most important elements in “attracting luscious life partnership” into one’s life. They are not in any way “magic bullets,” but rather key foundational elements, that when in place, you’re automatically putting yourself in a far stronger position to attract a healthy loving sustainable relationship.

So for those of you who are looking for luscious life partnership or know people who are, please join me (or forward this information) this Friday, June 18th, 7pm to learn more about The Three Most Important Things You Need to Know to Attract Luscious Life Partnership” into your lives.  It will be highly interactive, experiential and you’ll come away with the tools you need to know to attract luscious life partnership. Remember, SHIFT HAPPENS!, but only if you make the shift!

Can’t wait to see you, all the details and links to register under Live Events section.