Four Questions to Tie Up 2011

May these questions be the “spiritual sorbet,” that clear your proverbial palette, and serve as a catalyst in creating the best year yet in 2012! 1) What were my five top greatest joys or victories this year? Why those? 2) What were my greatest FOG (fabulous or friggin’ opportunities for growth) this year? 3) What… Read more »

Tis the season to be…..? You Decide!

It is so easy to be affected by our outside world, whether it’s the craziness of having to do last-minute shopping for the holidays, concern around finances, dreading the “Pink Elephant in the living room,” type of family events. Even all the joyful aspects of the holidays, connecting with people you care about, socializing etc…. Read more »

What Your Days Are Filled With Is What You’re Life Is Full Of!

It’s just too easy to focus on this far-off dream of “I want my life to be more adventurous, less frenzied, more fulfilling, (fill in the blank),” and seeing one’s life as this amorphous far off in the future organism of chance and serendipity. Instead what our life is full of is a culmination of… Read more »

One Country A Year

I’ll never forget reading Julie Morgenstern’s book, “Organizing from the Inside Out,” where she spoke about working with a client who was obsessed with books on different countries. He had floor-to-ceiling bookshelves filled with books on different countries and cultures and stacks of books that covered his desk, “shared” (obviously he wasn’t sharing very much!)… Read more »

The “Getting Your Ducks in A Row” Myth: Lessons from Life on the Road

One of my greatest joys in life is being up at my rural house upstate, and going for between 4-10 mile strolls over the weekend. I call these walks my “Country Curriculum” because nature, one of the great teachers, always seems to offer up a lesson to me. This week it was my neighbors up… Read more »

Is What We Share TMI (Touching Moving and Inspiring) or TMI (Too Much Information)?

I get cranky. I admit it. When I peruse what I call LCD (lowest common denominator) reality shows, I can’t help thinking, Andy Warhol, who once said, “Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes in their life,” is probably rolling over in his grave. The level of sensational trauma sharing, where the squeaky wheel gets… Read more »

“What’s your story, morning glory?!”

Just read Geneen Roth’s, “Women Food and God,” in which she cites the connection between how we think of life, and how we treat ourselves. Geneen sees our self treatment as highly correlated with the ways we use food. She is obviously addressing women who have had eating issues (Welcome to America, what woman doesn’t… Read more »

Kaizen Principle Week 5: Bestow Small Rewards

I am a huge fan of “bestowing small rewards.” When I was a life coach for SELF Magazine’s, SELF Challenge, I created a tool called “reward sandwiches,” which I now use in most of my speaking and training programs. “Reward sandwiches” is a about structuring a small reward before and after, a particularly daunting task. … Read more »

Kaizen Principle Week 4: Identify Small Moments

Well as they say, “The beet goes on.” Last week I received a new Cuisinart for Valentine’s Day. And yes, I did pick it out myself. (Do you recall that wonderful doghouse commercial where a husband gifts his wife  with a vacuum cleaner for Valentine’s Day? Brilliant!)  Well, I made lots of beets in a million… Read more »