How to Reboot Your Day!

In this whirling dervish craziness of technology breakdowns and challenges, sometimes all we need is to reboot our computer and start over! Why not do the same with our day? The great news is that it doesn’t cost anything, won’t take a lot of time, it comes down to one thing; choice. Will you choose… Read more »

Rewards Remind and Reinforce to You and Your Team What’s Possible! By Lois Barth

At first glance, this is a shot of a pair of white leather booties with a flair of country kickin’ style. For other thriftistas like myself, you may have seen the same pair on sale at TJ Maxx for $29.00, and recognize it as a “total steal.” Both of you would be correct. I bought… Read more »

How to Address Your Negative Self-Talk in 2021!

Yes, we’re in pandemic part II and yes most of our “outer worlds” meaning staying put, masks, social distancing, and all that jazz will be pretty similar to Part I. It’s just the way it’ll be. Yes it’s a drag, but needs to be done. Not gloom and doom thinking but being real. But what… Read more »

How to Give Thoughtful Creative Gifts that Don’t Break the Bank

During this year of the pandemic, many of our gift-giving budgets have shrunk beyond recognition. It’s understandable when faced with financial challenges to swap out gift-giving for getting by. That being said, I have found the greatest gifts I’ve ever received have been small in the price tag department but large in meaning; simply because someone… Read more »

What if we got Curious About our Anger

In my first coaching training program, 15 years ago, I had to answer what to me was one of the most powerful questions. “What is the hardest feeling for you to feel?” “Anger.” It fascinated me at the time, how quickly it poured out of me, because 800 clients later when I ask my clients… Read more »

Move From Criticism to Curiosity

So one of my major “complaints/stressors” is my relationship with technology, it’s just something that feels like a pain in the a** but I still have to deal with it! But what I keep learning over and over is that when we can move from being critical and stressed out to be curious and seeing… Read more »

The Gift of Rapt Attention.

This morning I was in a deep dilemma over two things that were derailing me. There are those dilemmas you can sit through, and wait it out, and see what the universe reveals. And then there are those that get under your skin, aka “splinter” that every time you roll over that part of your… Read more »

When you’re feeling “why bother” remind yourself “Why it’s important to bother?”

We’ve all had enough overstimulation over the last week or so to both buoy us up or wipe us out, it’s been a pretty exhausting time emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. And when you wake up to a grey rainy day with things to do list that totally disinterested in doing, that’s when the “why… Read more »

CELEBRATE. CELEBRATE. Dance to the Music!

To say I’m beyond grateful, relieved, and hopeful with today’s election announcement is an understatement. I’ve hooted and hollered and yes did my own victory dance. I know we have A LONG road ahead and I truly pray that we can move from being The Divided States of America, to our original nomenclature, “The United… Read more »