When you’re feeling “why bother” remind yourself “Why it’s important to bother?”

We’ve all had enough overstimulation over the last week or so to both buoy us up or wipe us out, it’s been a pretty exhausting time emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. And when you wake up to a grey rainy day with things to do list that totally disinterested in doing, that’s when the “why… Read more »

CELEBRATE. CELEBRATE. Dance to the Music!

To say I’m beyond grateful, relieved, and hopeful with today’s election announcement is an understatement. I’ve hooted and hollered and yes did my own victory dance. I know we have A LONG road ahead and I truly pray that we can move from being The Divided States of America, to our original nomenclature, “The United… Read more »

Is it a Tool or a Weapon?

So it’s the second day in a row that basically my “things to do, things to accomplish to stay on track,” list is being “eclipsed” optimistic word for hijacked, due to the election. I literally can’t keep my eyes off the “please let’s have a different leader” prize! I’m getting dribs and drabs of mostly… Read more »

Keep the Faith. Spread the Faith.

OMG! What a rollercoaster of a ride it’s been over these last 24-48 hours. I feel like my heart fell into my stomach and my stomach did a few aerials, but am soooo grateful for how the election is going thus far. So very grateful. I was really moved by Joe Biden’s speech and when… Read more »


Today is the day folks. Today would’ve been my Dad, (pix below, he’s center with a lovely smile and boutonniere) Ben’s 94th birthday, and he stood for justice, fairness, kindness, generosity, love of diversity, and especially the food each diversity provides to the world’s palette- LOL! I woke up thinking that he and all of… Read more »

Think of Rain as Giving the Planet a Bath

When I was a little kid I would think of rain as God’s way of giving the earth a bath. I smile when I think of my innocence but also the wisdom of a child’s mind. And yet after the rain, I notice how fresh, clean, and oxygenated the air feels. I actually love the… Read more »

Grace. Guidance. Grit.

One of the “unexpected blessings” from the pandemic is that for the last 7 months pretty much every day I start my day with 10 minutes of meditation. It’s a combination of just focusing on my breathing, or working with a mantra, or listening to Tamara Levitt, from Daily Calm. I’m not sure if I’m… Read more »

Write Thank You Cards Often!

Growing up I HAD to write a thank you card for any small or large gesture, gift, or act of kindness. I couldn’t stand it. I’d complain to my mother, “Let them not give it to me, I feel the pressure.” It was my childhood version of “eating your spinach” (which by the way I… Read more »