Marry the Actions. Divorce the Results.

I’m not sure exactly where or when I heard that pithy non-LOIS-ism bon mot (french for a tasty little sound bite!) but it hit me right between my literary eyes. BRILLIANT! Today I got to experience it first hand before 8am. I stepped on the scale, my weekly Monday morning ritual since discovering my COVID-19… Read more »

Three-part mantra to live by The Body Doesn’t Lie. You Can’t Boss Around Your Heart. You Can’t NOT Know What Not Know.

I find that these three simple but profound principles have been a huge anchor for me ESPECIALLY in times like this where days weeks and months have all congealed together like the three-month-old meatloaf in the back of your fridge that was once a promising option for dinner and now looks like a bad science… Read more »

Express Don’t Explode!

We know that when we’re angry we often feel like we’re going to explode if we don’t say something, pretty human! But we also know that if we do we will often have a lot of damage control to clean up and leave a wake of bodies in our path. Anger, like anxiety, often carries… Read more »

Stop Beiging Yourself Out!

I look to nature as the great teacher for so many things, trust in the cycle of life, the omnipresence of abundance and grace, and most lately; CELEBRATING YOUR MOST VIVID VIBRANT BEAUTIFUL SELF TO THE WORLD. Stop beiging yourself out! As kids, we are so connected to all of our multi-faceted fabulousness, and then… Read more »

When we have more compelling, interesting, and connected conversations we transform ourselves, each other, and the world around us!

Yesterday I was on the phone with Verizon for the 17th million time. I was frustrated beyond belief. I felt like I needed a Ph.D. just to gain access to my account and set up auto-pay. Long story short. I got on a phone call with a lovely representative, who not only empathized deeply with… Read more »