Is it a Tool or a Weapon?

So it’s the second day in a row that basically my “things to do, things to accomplish to stay on track,” list is being “eclipsed” optimistic word for hijacked, due to the election. I literally can’t keep my eyes off the “please let’s have a different leader” prize! I’m getting dribs and drabs of mostly… Read more »

Keep the Faith. Spread the Faith.

OMG! What a rollercoaster of a ride it’s been over these last 24-48 hours. I feel like my heart fell into my stomach and my stomach did a few aerials, but am soooo grateful for how the election is going thus far. So very grateful. I was really moved by Joe Biden’s speech and when… Read more »


Today is the day folks. Today would’ve been my Dad, (pix below, he’s center with a lovely smile and boutonniere) Ben’s 94th birthday, and he stood for justice, fairness, kindness, generosity, love of diversity, and especially the food each diversity provides to the world’s palette- LOL! I woke up thinking that he and all of… Read more »

Think of Rain as Giving the Planet a Bath

When I was a little kid I would think of rain as God’s way of giving the earth a bath. I smile when I think of my innocence but also the wisdom of a child’s mind. And yet after the rain, I notice how fresh, clean, and oxygenated the air feels. I actually love the… Read more »

Grace. Guidance. Grit.

One of the “unexpected blessings” from the pandemic is that for the last 7 months pretty much every day I start my day with 10 minutes of meditation. It’s a combination of just focusing on my breathing, or working with a mantra, or listening to Tamara Levitt, from Daily Calm. I’m not sure if I’m… Read more »

Write Thank You Cards Often!

Growing up I HAD to write a thank you card for any small or large gesture, gift, or act of kindness. I couldn’t stand it. I’d complain to my mother, “Let them not give it to me, I feel the pressure.” It was my childhood version of “eating your spinach” (which by the way I… Read more »

Marry the Actions. Divorce the Results.

I’m not sure exactly where or when I heard that pithy non-LOIS-ism bon mot (french for a tasty little sound bite!) but it hit me right between my literary eyes. BRILLIANT! Today I got to experience it first hand before 8am. I stepped on the scale, my weekly Monday morning ritual since discovering my COVID-19… Read more »

Three-part mantra to live by The Body Doesn’t Lie. You Can’t Boss Around Your Heart. You Can’t NOT Know What Not Know.

I find that these three simple but profound principles have been a huge anchor for me ESPECIALLY in times like this where days weeks and months have all congealed together like the three-month-old meatloaf in the back of your fridge that was once a promising option for dinner and now looks like a bad science… Read more »