How to Un-Funk Your Day!

Ever wake up with a slew of disappointing personal news (not the trainwreck of news we consume on a local, national and global level) and it’s not even 8am yet? Well that was what my morning was like! A wishlist consulting position that looked very promising, had dropped out of the running. My weight is… Read more »

“I haven’t got time for the pain.”

Today I started my day in a very powerful way. I did my core exercise to Carly Simon’s “I haven’t got time for the pain.” It’s my anthem to give up all forms of drama in my life. We can’t avoid the painful circumstances and feelings that come up in our life, but we can… Read more »

Today is my birthday and I’ve been…

Today is my birthday and I’ve been love-bombed with cards, songs, emails, gifts, and just the abundance of love in my life. And then today I woke up to this gorgeous review from a woman Stephanie Huston LLC, I never even met and didn’t even see two years ago when she wrote it. Life… Read more »

Are You Self-Soothing or Self-Numbing? By Lois Barth

  When it comes to stress, change, and challenging times, for the most part, as humans, we tend to fall into two categories – the self-soothing type – or the self-numbing type. For years, I was in the self-numbing club. I learned it at an early age. I remember my first trip to the beauty… Read more »

How to Change Your Mind with Grace Joy and Ease (or at the very least, not drive yourself crazy)!

We all have “crushes,” lots of them and I am NOT talking about romantic ones. Creative, friendship, or business crushes. If you’re like me or any of the 800 passionate clients I’ve had the good fortune to work with over the last 10 years, you are genuinely interested in people and have that entrepreneurial spirit… Read more »

Have the difficult conversation NOW

Peggy Klaus ​is right on how important it is to really communicate even when you’re on fumes, or especially when you’re on fumes: She’s the consummate master of communication. My Lois-ism for this is: Having the difficult conversation NOW will allow your life to feel easier in the FUTURE.

Blame and Responsibility are a lot like Bread and Butter

I love this post by Seth Godin: To me, it’s all about taking responsibility and the power of doing so.We live in a culture that conflates blame with responsibility and therefore we resist taking responsibility because we haven’t distinguished the difference.   My Lois-ism for that is: Blame and Responsibility are a lot like Bread and… Read more »

Lessons from my Animal Mentor, Mr. Klybie

I’m at my friend Vicky’s home and Klybie, her Wonder Dog, has ants in his pants, he whimpers, barks and runs around a bit. She smiles knowing exactly what he needs, and says to him, “Sing Klybie Sing,” and he literally sings out: When he’s done, he sits quietly and restfully back down in his… Read more »


Love the pure passion Gretchen has for reading: I have En-Spiration, for how much she reads. En-spiration is a Lois-isms,  En-Spiration: using Envy as a road map to Create a Life that Inspires You.  As far as my reading I love to read on the elliptical bike or any exercise equipment it helps me exercise my brain… Read more »

“Don’t Stay out in the Cold,” learn h

“Don’t Stay out in the Cold,” learn how to make your February Fabulous with these great products from the Astro Twins: What I LOVE about them, feisty, fun and seriously spot on with their astrology and lifestyle advice!