Common Sense…Uncommonly Practiced

They say social graces are having a comeback. I say they never left but have been dormant in their use. This is part of a series I call: Common Sense…Uncommonly Practiced. I find when I do them, I not only stand out, but feel more connected to my community around me and as a result,… Read more »

Let Go and Stay Aware of the Miracles that Show Up

Yesterday I had the privilege of having lunch with a coaching client I had worked with earlier this year, for about six months.She’s always been a beautiful woman; radiant and fiercely committed to growing, a voracious reader and perpetual student of life. Something was different this time, not only had so many of her goals… Read more »

July 2015 Newsletter is Up!

Healthy Habits still challenging? Here are a few tips from my July 2015 Newsletter, “Habits Don’t Change Anything… Just Your Life”: 

Mindful Lawyer: Support Networks for Law

Mindful Lawyer: Support Networks for Lawyers Who Work Alone For lawyers who ‘go solo,’ there are great rewards, but also great challenges. Working alone can be isolating, lonely and can take a toll on your mental health. Join me for this Ontario Bar Association program (link:, part of the Mindful Lawyer CPD series (link:, and… Read more »