Business Coaching

Busy-ness rarely equates to business!

In our terminal Lucy at the Candy Factory lifestyle, we’re often trying to just cross things off our eternal things-to-do list, or putting out fires, desperately trying to take our business to the next level, yet feeling incredibly frustrated in the process.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

That’s where Lois can really help with business coaching.

Here are just a few ways she’s made a seismic difference with her business clients:

  • Clarifying overriding vision and the key elements to get there.
  • Enhance confidence and build morale for both them and their team.
  • Strengthen communication.
  • Navigate change through challenging times.
  • Identifying the ideal strategic partnerships and best strategies to get there.
  • “Fire” themselves from tasks and projects and delegate more to their team.
  • Strengthen leadership within their organization so that they can take their business to the next level.
  • Identify the top projects and initiatives that connect with their passion, skill set, and priorities, and delegate the rest.
  • Address limited self-sabotaging and perfectionistic thinking and create a new way of thinking and behaving to support their goals.

Great news – the process can be dynamic and fun! Humor allows them to shift their perspective and opens up their energy to be able to focus better. Although the process is not always linear, they can work in conjunction with their natural blueprint for productivity!

Here’s what Lois’ business coaching clients have said about working with her:

“We are a longtime client and fan of Lois Barth. My sister, Tali Edut, and I first worked with Lois when our business was at a crucial turning point. As a coach, she lovingly guided us to make important changes that turned our company into the profitable venture it is today, many years later. What sets Lois apart is her blend of authenticity, fun, bolstered by a rock-solid background of experience, training, and practicality. She’s a savvy New Yorker who “gets it” while also bringing a nurturing and sisterly vibe. Lois genuinely cares about and invests herself into the people she works with…and really everyone she meets. She is a phenomenal storyteller. We all need encouragement and tools to keep believing in ourselves and to bravely forge ahead on the paths that call to us. Lois does this with wit, style, and yes, plenty of SPARKLE.”

– Ophira and Tali Edut, The AstroTwins, Astrologists and Lifetime Experts, Author of bestseller Momstrology and The AstroTwins’ Love Zodiac

“Overall, my company is working better together as a whole and my employees are happier and more motivated. Lois worked with all of my employees one-on-one and not only are they appreciative that I care about their personal growth and professional development, but I’ve seen amazing progress in a relatively short amount of time. I wanted to take myself and my company to the next level and Lois has given us all the tools to do it. My numbers have gone up 274% since working with Lois. The numbers don’t lie!”

– Maureen Lowe, President and Founder of FTF

“Working with Lois has been truly life-changing. Her holistic approach to business coaching means that I get guidance for practical day-to-day business issues, long term goal setting, along with a dose of self-care tips thrown in. Whether I am trying to navigate long-term goals or just manage the next thing on my to-do list, Lois is able to help me navigate the stress and challenges that I am facing. She is truly one-stop shopping for life and business coaching. She is strong and pushes me forward while also being kind and compassionate. I feel lucky to have found her and have been working with her for over 7 years and will continue working with her in the future.” 

– Melissa O’Donnell, Chef / Winner of 5 Michelin Bib Gourmands / Restauranteur

“I had the opportunity to work with Lois when I was in the middle of a huge career transition as a makeup artist. She was a godsend at the moment when I felt I was ready to give everything up that I had worked hard for. Through my work with her, I found that part of my real truth and gifts was to make a difference on the planet. My client work transitioned from feeling tired and unappreciated to clients who valued me. I healed a huge “under-earning” story I had and began to see that what I was offering my clients was so much more than I could alone see. I’m thankful for my time with Lois it was priceless.”

– Leora Edut, Creatix of Goddess On The Go