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Ready for a change in your career, like yesterday? Of course, you are!

Now more than ever, faced with the seismic changes we’re going through on a global level, we get to witness the preciousness of life more than ever. You deserve and are totally capable of having a job, career and/or business where you are expressing your gifts and talents, and is meaningful to you. 

I can help!

Where are you in your career or business?

Ready to make a change but not sure exactly what that looks like?

You know in your heart what you really want, but you need support to do it?

Stress, overwhelm, distraction and negative self-talk getting the best of you?

You’re great at what you do, but everyone else seems to get the promotions but you?

Craving to be more focused, productive and successful in your work?

You see your blindspots but not sure how to address them?

Even though you’re a rockstar, you still struggle with having the confidence to go for what you want and ask for what you deserve?

Sick and tired of the terminal Boy’s Club at your work or in the industry?

Ready to take your business to the next level?

You’re a leader, and ready to take your career and business to a whole other level?

Great News! I have coached close to a thousand clients in both personal growth and professional development and in doing so have championed them to have greater successful, joy and fulfillment in their career and/or business? I would be delighted to help you.

Change, whether we desire it or not, is often met with fear, uncertainty, and stress. But when we skillfully navigate change it is often the catalyst for a greater sense of purpose, enthusiasm, and success. Two elements make that change happen; mindset and methodology.

It starts with having a proactive (versus reactive) mindset and a plan of action. I support you in clarifying your top priorities and passions and to address the limiting beliefs that are stopping you. I’ve seen over and over that by taking bite-sized consistent actions and providing my clients with compassionate accountability along with being a sounding board and strategic partner, that’s where the magic happens. In addition, I provide powerful solutions in the areas of communication, managing stress and leadership that makes all the difference in the world.

While everyone has a different path, these are the different services that I provide to my clients that support them in making considerable shifts in their personal and professional lives.

Here’s what Lois’ Career Coaching Clients have said:

“I worked weekly with Lois for three months, and it is not an exaggeration to say it was life changing. (hyper link to testimonial page). I sought a life coach to help me develop resiliency, set boundaries, and discover ways I was holding myself back. Lois helped me stretch and grow and consider longer-term goals, like what I wanted my life to look like in the future. She describes her coaching as “behavioral wellness meets professional development.” That perfectly captures her unique approach as coach, cheerleader, counselor, and mentor. She observes and points out behaviors, how they serve or don’t serve you, and then guides you to different, more healthy options. In helping you understand your actions and why you behave as you do, she is both encouraging and challenging, knowing you must be willing to be uncomfortable in order to change. As a result, you grow personally, which inevitably leads you do develop professionally. After completing an extensive questionnaire, we spent a significant among of time reviewing what was shared and where to focus. She has a real gift for getting to the heart of the matter, and the work she has you do is manageable and effective. I was concerned it would take a lot of time and effort, and it certainly required commitment and investment. Yet, much of it was small daily work that paid huge dividends. My colleagues remarked on the change they saw in me, as did others. I am less stressed and more present, as well as more self-aware. In our calls, as I shared observations, improvements, and struggles, Lois was able to make connections and distill key points. I felt she really understood me and could pinpoint issues and areas quickly and create a path forward. I learned how to care for myself and set boundaries, which made me more resilient when change occurred or challenges arose. I also learned to ask the right questions of myself and evaluate situations to help me care for myself and be clear with others about what I could and could not do. These skills are serving me well during the pandemic. It is still a challenge, but I have no doubt that I would be struggling greatly had we not done the work we did. I am able to face this time with gratitude, strength, and hope. Investing in yourself is important, and I highly recommend Lois for any personal growth you may be seeking to accomplish.”

Marcia Harding Zeller
Associate Director at Cornell University ILR School

“Lois will be the teammate who will change your life. Whether you want a new perspective on life or a hand with leadership skills, Lois is smart, grounded, and a great communicator. She really helped me. I recommend Lois without hesitation for men and women alike.”

-Bill Kaczaraba

Working with Lois Barth on honing my interview skills was one of the best investments I’ve made early on in my career. I’m one of those people, who give 1000% at whatever I do. In addition to excelling in academia, I’m also deeply committed to my love of the arts (dance) and giving back (volunteering for numerous projects) and playing an active role in my college community. Not to brag, but I was often told what I an impressive resume I had, which of course, while great to hear, still didn’t help me land the job. I would often get to a certain level, and then for whatever reason not be able to land the position I wanted so badly. I did all the preparation and yet I was frustrated and confused what the missing piece was. What Lois pointed out early on, was that I was leaving what she called my “rockstar self” in a one dimensional way, on my resume, and not bringing it to the interview in a three dimensional way, as in my personality. Being a tad shy and understated wasn’t helping me communicate my skills, passion, and commitment. It wasn’t even about confidence, I actually had that; it was about bringing my most enthusiastic and authentic self to the interview process, so they could truly see who I was and what I’d bring to the table. Lois and I worked diligently to create what she calls “Story-Selling” using stories based on my accomplishments to educate the interviewer on my achievements, core values and winning qualities. There was lots of work ahead from learning how to give a winning interview on the phone, and convey my attributes only through my voice (not skype), to my final interview where I needed to bring my “rockstar self” to a panel of six higher up team members who interviewed me in person; which is daunting to everyone, even people twice my age. I was overjoyed when I received an offer and truly love my job. I learned from Lois that we live in a world where an impressive resume is a great start, but unless you bring your most alive and engaging self to the interview, decision-makers aren’t going to know the full impact of what your capabilities are. Lois helped me convey it in a way that felt conversational, authentic and polished. I’d highly recommend working with Lois, whether for a tune-up or an overhaul on your interview skills.”

-Annabelle Jenkins
Planner, DTM of Ralph Lauren

“When I began working with Lois I was going through a transition both personally and with my career. When I hired Lois as a career coach, I got so much more than I had expected. (hyperlink to What Clients Are Saying page) She not only motivated me, and was exceedingly supportive, but gave me valuable tools from everything on positive mindset, networking strategies and acing my interviews, but on a more life direction level; how to navigate change. In the process, Lois built up my confidence, self-esteem and allowed me to see things more clearly, discovering more about myself, both personally and professionally. Her ability to listen, tune in, and share her thought-provoking insights, had such a huge impact on me. Plus after we were “off the clock”, she continued to touch base with me to see how I was doing and offer her help whenever possible. I would highly recommend Lois to anyone looking to achieve their personal and professional goals.”

Michael Grossman
Experienced Sales Professional | Client Relationship Expert

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