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Do you “think” you lack courage? Guess again!” by Lois Barth

Do you “think” you lack courage? Guess again!” One of the things that both piss me off and fire me up is all the myths we’re spoon-fed in society about what courage is and isn’t. These are the big ones: Courage is about being fearless. You must go for something big for it to be… Read more »

‘Tis the Season for a 2.0 YOU! Upgrade!

by Lois Barth, Human Development Expert, Speaker, Coach, and Author Tis the season to “GIVE YOURSELF a 2.0 YOU! Upgrade! I’m on the phone with Apple Care yet again, moaning about my almost brand new computer going slower than I’d like. The Genius at the other end says, “Lois, you’re all good you just need… Read more »

How To Be “Beautifully Honest” in Your Romantic Life (and all others as well-podcast)

One common thread I see in all my clients whether they come to me for business, life, or relationship coaching is that they resist having difficult conversations with the people in their life. You know those awkward, vulnerable, and potentially confrontational conversations. The ones that make you go running to the nearest Krispy Crème, local… Read more »

How to Rid Yourself of Negative Self-Talk

by Lois Barth, Courage to SPARKLE, Human Development Expert, Speaker, Coach and Author One of the things I see that stops people are allowing their negative self-talk to be in the driver’s seat. Once they have tools and powerful strategies they can transform that old toxic relationship and become unstoppable. I feel honored to have… Read more »

They Know You know Do they know you Care

by Lois Barth, Courage to SPARKLE, Human Development Expert, Speaker, Coach, and Author Truezday Tuesday- What’s true for me! Yesterday I had an experience on the streets of NYC that I wasn’t expecting, a young girl was leaning against the building in dire pain and bleeding. Luckily she was with her Mom, although her Mom… Read more »

Three Lessons That Helped Me Let Go

Letting go is never an easy thing, especially during these uncertain times. That being said it’s ironic how everyday tasks of “re-gifting” my wardrobe let to a whole stream of decisions that allowed me to let go and give back at the same time check out my feature in CEOLEADERS on what that process looked… Read more »

How Can I Be Less Reactive When I’m Upset?

By Lois Barth, Courage to Sparkle, Human Development Expert, Speaker, Coach, and Author In my coaching and consulting practice, I work with what I call “heart-centered-go-getters” who want greater success, meaning, and impact in their lives. It looks a lot of different ways with a lot of different clients. For some, it’s about being able… Read more »

Why People Pleasing is Really People Displeasing and What We Can Do to Overcome it?

So many clients and groups I speak to share their woes about “not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings,” “not saying no when they should’ve,” and “feeling bad about setting a boundary,” leaving a wake of bodies, ill feelings, and lost relationships as a result. And yet when I probe further, they often roll their eyes… Read more »

How to Overcome Your Negative Self-Talk

Being a dyed-in wool “recovering” perfectionist and deeply brutal with myself, learning to heal my relationship with my negative self-talk is a life-long mission. While I take it very seriously, I have found awareness, humor, and creativity to be my most effective tools in which to do that. Here are the three traps that I’ve… Read more »