CELEBRATE. CELEBRATE. Dance to the Music!

To say I’m beyond grateful, relieved, and hopeful with today’s election announcement is an understatement. I’ve hooted and hollered and yes did my own victory dance. I know we have A LONG road ahead and I truly pray that we can move from being The Divided States of America, to our original nomenclature, “The United States of America,” and I hope and truly feel that that’s possible.

Through this rollercoaster process when it often felt like my stomach was having a heart attack, I looked for reminders that I was on the right path, and to have faith.

One of my reminders came from my dear friend and client, Michele who sent me a lovely sparkle card and a symbolic bracelet. I was to make a wish, wear the bracelet, and when it broke, that it meant my dream would come to fruition.

My wish was pretty clear, “Please God, let’s have some true leadership in this country and let Biden win!” Whenever I stumbled upon the bracelet floating in different places around my home, it was a signal, that grace was on its way, and yes I needed to do the footwork on my end.

Today I saw it again, in the kitchen and smiled, “Wishes sometimes really do come true.”

Never give up the faith, keep going, and have SMART FEET.