Professional Development Consulting

Behavioral Wellness Meets Professional Development Consulting

Given these tenuous and stressful times of uncertainty, having your team work together in a clear communicative, and productive way is more important than ever.

I call my consulting work “behavioral wellness meets professional development.”

Coming from both a wellness and professional development background, I see the two as inextricably connected. One’s sense of vitality and wellness greatly impacts his or her ability to be an engaged employee and visa versa. I work with small teams within a large corporation or a small boutique company to foster more engaged and effective leaders. As a result, teams can address their stress more effectively, become better communicators, display heightened confidence and competence, and exceed their own personal and professional goals while furthering the CEO’s vision and/or principal within the company.

Here’s who I consult with, how I work, and the results I bring:  

1) Principal/CEO of a boutique company who has what I lovingly call “shpilkas” Yiddish for “ants in the pants.” They are up to a big game and are often (not always) a serial entrepreneur, juggling many different businesses and entities at the same time. We review what their vision is, not only for their company but also for themselves, and fine tune it as needed. From there, we look at how to Powerfully Fire Themselves from tasks, projects, handholding, micromanaging, and other initiatives that need to get done but are not the best use of their time, energy, and in line with bringing their vision into fruition. In addition, we look at what infrastructure and systems to build to help move their goals forward.

We then outline which team members need support to up-level their performance, actively step into greater leadership roles that create greater engagement for them, and move the company’s vision and goals forward. 

2) A C-Suite or senior-level leader within a large organization/company heads up a small (2-15 person) department. Our first step is to review the CEO of the organization’s vision and review how that impacts their particular department’s top priorities and goals. We map out a plan to up-level every one on the team.

As a result of my work, the teams I have worked with can:

  • Adopt a Growth Mindset
  • Develop More Effective Communication.
  • Powerfully Address their Stress and Overwhelm
  • Have Greater Leadership Skills
  • Experience More Productivity
  • Be More Engaged and Enthusiastic

The end results – Three P’s Productive, Proactive and Powerful Teams!

Here’s what just a few of my consulting clients are saying:

“Lois’ leadership advice not only helps my business thrive, but also empowers my team by helping them to grow in their responsibilities and skill set.

I am a strong believer in leading by example and in working where I am most effective. Lois helped me to clarify my greatest passions and how to best leverage my time. Together we brainstormed ways to champion my rockstar team of designers and back office staff to step into new roles of leadership. Being a serial entrepreneur, I am constantly looking to provide cutting-edge services and products for my clients – all while building my brand. It’s essential for me to have a team of advisors supporting this effort.   In addition, Lois always has great ideas that help to navigate the logistical aspects of an ever-changing service business like ours.”

– Laura Umansky, 
President & Creative Director, Laura U Interior Design
Allied ASID & Assoc. AIA

“I started working with Lois because I wanted to increase my confidence, manage my stress become a better leader to my staff and establish a better overall work/life balance. After only a few sessions, I already started to experience growth. Not only am I a better leader, but I have more confidence in the decisions I make.

Overall, my company is working better together as a whole and my employees are happier and more motivated. Lois worked with all of my employees one-on-one and not only are they appreciative that I care about their personal growth and professional development, but I’ve seen amazing progress in a relatively short amount of time. I wanted to take myself and my company to the next level and Lois has given us all the tools to do it.”

– Maureen Lowe, President and Founder of FTF

“I would recommend Ms. Barth to other employers that have employee issues that span beyond the workplace but also include whole-person issues that perhaps an executive or business coach is less suited to handle.

As an HR Leader for Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., a world leading insurance brokerage agency, I am often looking for qualified external partners to help support the development of our talent. Recently, we had a long-service and high-performing employee experience some challenging life events that were affecting her work product and behaviors. We contracted with Lois Barth to provide her consulting expertise with our employee with the intent of providing guidance and support to this individual in dealing with very personal and difficult issues and learning how to balance these emotions so not to negatively impact other areas of her life. The employee in question found great value out of these sessions and took away as much about being more effective in the workplace as she did general life skills. There was also an increased engagement level of the employee in her appreciation of Gallagher’s support and investment in her by providing her with Ms. Barth’s services. Ms. Barth handled a difficult situation with the upmost professionalism and appropriately balanced keeping the situation confidential for the employee while providing Gallagher with high-level but non-confidential progress updates.”

– Jennifer Duncan, VP of HR, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

“Lois is a unique and incredibly talented individual in so many ways — she is creative, engaging, thoughtful, wise, and deeply caring about individuals, companies, and the world around her. I have had the good fortune to know Lois for many years now, first as a friend and admirer of her public speaking work, and then as a client of her executive coaching services for a person on my team. She is definitively non-traditional, and that is precisely what makes her presence so valuable: she can challenge people and organizations in very innovative ways, and she achieves outsized results as a consequence. She helps bring out the best in people and offers tools and insights well beyond the norm. Whether you engage her as a keynote speaker, a workshop leader, an executive coach or a journalist, she will surprise you with what she’s able to bring to the moment. Thanks, Lois, for bringing more spark (and sparkle) into our world!”

Karyn Polak
Financial Services General Counsel | Strategic Legal & Business Partner to C-Suite Executives

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