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Hi! Thanks for your interest in working together. I’m very excited as well. As we both know, now more than ever, time is so precious and valuable. And since I offer a lot of services (Speaking, Coaching, Consultancy, Writing, Source Expert, blah blah blah the list goes on) and bring it with Sparkle, it’s best for us to hop on a call.

Once we do that, I can learn more about what you’re looking for, the results you want to create, and from there we will brainstorm the best way to achieve those goals! And have fun doing it!

No cookie cutter, one size fits all approach for this woman! I always tailor my work and expertise to meet the individual needs of my clients and people I serve.

Please fill free to use my contact information below or use the form to give me a heads up on how I can help you and best times/ways to reach out to you. And I will!

Have a day that SPARKLES!

Phone:  (646) 342-5911


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