Love the pure passion Gretchen has for reading: http://bit.ly/20AOpsW I have En-Spiration, for how much she reads. En-spiration is a Lois-isms,  En-Spiration: using Envy as a road map to Create a Life that Inspires You.  As far as my reading I love to read on the elliptical bike or any exercise equipment it helps me exercise my brain and body at the same time. Also when I hit my 10 page a day goal it may not sound like ALOT but it adds up to 12-18 books a year. Big change happens from taking small actions that are consistent with your goals. Another Lois-ism. More about both those of those Lois-isms in my upcoming book, Courage to Sparkle.

#CourageToSparkle #En-spiration