Find the Funny. It’s Always There. You just gotta look for it!

Having a sense of humor is not about memorizing jokes, making up snappy comebacks or please god wearing red noses and making silly faces. It IS about seeing the irony and absurdity in life, laughing at your own and others foibles.

When I was a stand-up people would ask, “Do you write your own material?” I’d say, “No life does. I just sit on the side with an open eye and a pencil and pad (old days when we used pen and pencil-LOL!).

Today I spoke with my web designer for my new website, please god let it happen this year! and I joked about being consumed by the election to which he responded, “Was Election Day specifically scheduled so you would consume as much 50% off Halloween candy as possible while waiting for the results?” We both laughed out loud, rescheduled our web discussion, and I said, “Whatever you do, have faith, and please don’t eat the candy corn. It tastes like wax with calories and you’ll break a crown on it.” “Duly noted, thanks for the reminder, got any stock tips?”

We both laughed and signed off. Finding the Funny is just about keeping your eyes open, shifting your perspective a bit, and laughing at life’s often absurd and challenging moments.

May you find the funny during these “interesting” times! Thanks for tuning in and not tuning out!