Finishing Strong Series, Give Yourself a Free Day

Today my plans got canceled for the day. I was supposed to visit a colleague and a friend about an hour away, and celebrate her new home! The non-stop report for “showers all day” in both our turfs put an end to our agenda. It was a bummer but we’ll reschedule, no biggie!

I noticed this excitement about facing the day, dreary as it was outside. Our inner weather is often way more indicative about how our day will go versus our outer environment. As I looked at the myriad of projects and tasks I want and need to address this week, the thought came over me “What if?” “What if I take everything off my schedule and make it a “free” day, meaning a day with absolutely no schedule. For me a free day isn’t the same as a day off to play, take a break, which I do, not often enough. But a “Free Day” is something I don’t ever remember doing; and that is to literally spend the day following the energy of what I feel guided to do at the moment.

A Free Day for me is about totally trusting the flow, and seeing what happens. Some of you may be thinking, “Duh I do that everyday?” To which I’d say, “WOW! Amazing.” I know a few brave souls like that, but that’s not my m.o. at all.

For me it’s really about listening, trusting, and following my inner guidance. It doesn’t need to be lofty like meditating on hilltops eating quinoa wearing long taupe-colored robes. Besides browns are not my palette! And I’m not eating grains lately! It’s about being, listening and following what Julia Cameron calls in “The Artist’s Way,” Marching Orders!

What about you? What comes up for you when you think about giving yourself a “Free Day?” I’d love to know.

Free? Scheduled? Day Off? Whatever day you have to do, I hope it’s a lovely one!

Thanks for tuning in and not tuning out.