How Can I Convey More Confidence When I Speak? by Lois Barth

How can I convey more confidence when I speak?

This is a question that comes up all the time both in my coaching and motivational speaking work. I have the privilege of working with heart-centered go-getters who want to succeed professionally, hunger for a greater sense of meaning in their life, and impact in the world.

One of their challenges is, that even though they are very accomplished and experts in their fields, they often find when they speak, they don’t convey that confidence, whether in a boardroom, on a date, networking, job interviews, or just day-to-day encounters. They feel they have to be someone they’re not, or use fancy words, or act and look a certain way. Often they apologize for themselves without meaning to. As a result, they leave their best parts at the door and show up with their cardboard-like “representative” in a feeble attempt to “appear,” more confident which backfires on them.

Coming from a background of public speaking, acting, stand-up comedy, and storytelling, I totally understand what it is to step into a role, that initially may feel foreign to you, but is definitely a part of you. Most of the time when it comes to communicating with confidence, it’s more important to eliminate self-sabotaging habits than to try to reinvent yourself.

I love what Michaelangelo allegedly said when asked how he created The David.

Michaelangelo simply said that he “merely” chipped away anything that didn’t look like The David. Simple but not easy. What does that look like for us?

Why not start small and begin to notice and let go of words and expressions that undermine your authority, expertise, and power? Eliminate the “maybe” “could” “perhaps.” I call them the “tentatives” that land as wishy-washy and unsure of yourself.

When you start that process, you’ll start to find your true language and your natural organic way of speaking. Listen to how certain words land and how they feel in your body and how others are impacted. Get curious versus critical.

Want some more practical, powerful, and playful ways to convey confidence when you’re speaking, check out my video “How to Own Your Power”.

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