How To Be “Beautifully Honest” in Your Romantic Life (and all others as well-podcast)

One common thread I see in all my clients whether they come to me for business, life, or relationship coaching is that they resist having difficult conversations with the people in their life. You know those awkward, vulnerable, and potentially confrontational conversations. The ones that make you go running to the nearest Krispy Crème, local bar, or Netflix Series so you can hide out and “hope” they go away. As Dr. Phil says, “How’s that working for you?” Not so great, I can guess. 

I’m an expert on having these difficult conversations because I’ve had to have many. I’ve studied how to have them. Most importantly because I saw the impact on my life, on my relationships, when I avoided them.

I teach what I need to learn, and I keep learning over and over that if we have the courage, and desire, we can have conversations that are both kind AND honest, yes they’re quite good roommates that can live simultaneously in our heads and our hearts.

I call it being “Beautifully Honest.” 

And yes you can do that too. Even in our romantic relationships.

I had the honor of being a guest on the inimitable Junie Moon’s Mid-Life Love Out Loud Podcast

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So now I ask you “What does being Beautifully Honest look like for you?” I’d love to know. Type in your comments below.

Thanks for tuning in and not tuning out.