How to Quiet the Chatter in Your Head and Feel More Confident (in 2 minutes or less)

I’ve spent my entire life working at slowing down my beautiful busy brain so I can be more present and available to the gift of life. I truly believe within all of us there’s an inextinguishable light but sometimes life puts us on dimmers. A large part of that is our internal experience of our outer circumstances and the more we monitor (with curiosity, not judgment) our inner narrative and shift it accordingly the greater peace we can have. When we have greater peace all the gifts, skills, talents, insights and guidance can provide grace and ease that allows us to flow through life. Simple but not easy. But I’ve been on a lifelong journey to find that peace and quiet down those chatter. My work has had many iterations and tentacles if you will, but one exercise that I do both with myself, and in my groups have proven to be very helpful, quick, and fun. I’ve seen the energy shift in the room within minutes just by doing this exercise.

Here’s my video which guides you through this exact process. I call it my “Itty Bitty Committee” Exercise.

Enjoy! I welcome your comments.