How to Reboot Your Day!

In this whirling dervish craziness of technology breakdowns and challenges, sometimes all we need is to reboot our computer and start over! Why not do the same with our day? The great news is that it doesn’t cost anything, won’t take a lot of time, it comes down to one thing; choice. Will you choose to have a more pleasant and productive day or not?

Granted there are those days when we just crash and can’t seem to get regain our footing, but for the most part, it comes down to a few simple practices to what I call “How to Un-Funk Your Day” and things shift – IMMEDIATELY.

Check out my article below which outlines the four steps I take to UN-FUNK my day.

How to Un-Funk Your Day!

I’d love to hear what you’re doing to UN-FUNK yours! Here’s the deal. The ability to transform your day from Funky to Fabulous or at the very least fruitful (how’s that for alliteration) is always about choice. When we honor that we build resiliency and boost our confidence and are motivated to move forward with our lives.

Right now during Pandemic Part II: The New Abnormal, it’s so easy to feel burned out with the same ol’, same ol’ that being even more proactive about our health and well-being is even more important. We’ve also seen the preciousness and brevity of life in a way we’ve never witnessed before.

So you tell me “What do you do to Un-Funk Your Day?”

Thanks for tuning in and not tuning out!