Luscious Living in 5 Steps

With the statistics of almost 20% of American women suffering with adrenal burnout or heading towards it and the men not trailing that far behind, we have become a culture of human doings versus human beings. We’re paying the price—and it’s a high one.

The average attention span is 3-6 seconds (this is not people with ADD by the way), over 60% of Americans suffer with some sort of insomnia, and the divorce rate is 45-60% depending on the study and the area of the country you’re looking at. So what am I saying? “It’s time to SLOW DOWN, and really re-evaluate what luscious living looks like for you?” and if your life does not feel luscious what to do about it.

Here are 5 tips, that if you utilize, I GUARANTEE (how many guarantees are there in life!) that you will start experiencing a level of lusciousness that you have been pining for, and here they are: (drum roll please!)

1)      Move from self-medicating to self-meditating– Most of us only know how to take breaks when it involves getting sick, scarfing down a bowl of Cheez Whiz and coming out 10 pounds later, zoning out in front of mind (and body) numbing TV/Video/Internet Surfing. If you give yourself tune-in breaks, you won’t need to zone out. Reflect on what reconnects you with your soul, and DO it. For me, sleeping, singing, dancing, meditating, meeting people, writing, reading, studying everything I can get my hands on, that fascinates me and being dazzled by the local thrift shops and bling brings me back to life when I’m cranky and burnt out, and are all part of my luscious living regimen. What are yours? Pick one thing and do it a few times this week. See what happens to your luscious living levels.

2)      Take one action of courage every day– Often our stress comes from not only overwhelmed by the amount of tasks we put on our plate, but areas where we are stuck and frozen. I’m always amazed and reminded both personally and professionally, the energy that gets released from taking one action in an area where one has been stopped.

3)      Grab a Hefty Bag and start decluttering- On the subject of releasing blocked energy, nothing is more cathartic than getting rid of clutter, and Spring is a great time to do it. (And yes, too many commitments, activities in your schedule can be clutter as well).

4)      Listen to yourself regularly– Your life is always talking to you, sometimes it’s screaming at you. Remember, feedback vs. failure. What is your life trying desperately to tell you? If you start looking for the luscious lesson (the ones I see in my clients are usually, “Slow down,” “Trust Yourself,” “Stop trying to do it alone,” etc.) and follow it, you’ll see the synchronicity of the universe start doing its thing.

5)      SLOW DOWN!!!– We are so insanely over scheduled as a culture, from school age to middle and latter years. See where you can create more spaces in your life? My best ideas come from long train rides, waiting on the grocery lines, and when I’m feeding the neighborhood Donkey, Spike (yes, I’m a country girl at heart). For those days, when you have those marathon schedules, remember, that the faster your outer world, the slower your inner world needs to be. I’m always amazed the power of focusing on the moment and what’s right in front of you, and how much freedom and spaciousness that creates in one’s life.