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People learn best in an environment that’s upbeat creative and fun!

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Corporate Motivational Speaker

Women’s Leadership and Entrepreneurial Event Speaker

A feel good presentation where nothing much changes just won’t do the job!

That’s why Lois Barth is a great choice as your next keynote speaker!

Coming from 20 plus years as a coach, speaker, health care practitioner and comedienne, she’s a life long learner and passionate student of the human potential and best ways to activate it!

In addition to her speaking work, Lois was the life coach for three of the most prestigious campaigns in women’s magazines: SELF, FITNESS, and FITBLOG. She understands the key elements that support positive shifts, and bridges insights with implementation by peppering in fun, interactive and effective exercises. As a result participants will sustain positive shifts in their lives, long after your event ends!

She will champion your participants to come away with:

  • The ability to both laugh at, and learn how to overcome those scrappy little negative voices in their head that keep them uninspired and disengaged in their performance.
  • How to Deal with Stress and Difficult People in an effective way.
  • The willingness to take risks that energize them and make them a greater asset to their team and the customers they serve.
  • Identify their unique gifts, passions and talents and share them!
  • Powerful Playful and Practical (say that three times fast) solutions that are backed by brain science, that could help them feel more confident, competent and productive.

The Ability to Shine Bright.

Share Your Gifts.

Make a Difference.

The Courage to SPARKLE!

And actually had a blast doing it!

Then bring Lois Barth, Human Development Expert, Motivational Speaker, Coach and Author, in to speak at your next event and watch the magic begin!

And if you’re sick of the same ol’ same ol’ pat generic one-size-fits all canned speeches, that tout, “All you need is blah blah blah,” “Just believe,” and other tired, messaging that leaves your audience bored bleary-eyed and thinking “maybe I’ll have fries for lunch,” and you’re aching for a fresh and innovative content, that’s filled with motivational and inspirational stories, tools that can really help your team shift, lots of interaction, and presented with humor, infused with energy, and leaving your team excited, you’ve arrived home!

Lois creates a powerful and playful experience (virtual and in-person) that enhances confidence, competence and action!

Here’s what Lois brings to the table!


Lois infuses energy to your event, and creates a laugh and learn experience.


In addition to being a motivational speaker and coach, Lois comes from being an actress, stand-up comedian, and one-woman show writer and performer. She understands fully the power of humor, storytelling, inspiring and what it means to edu-tain your group!

“Humor is the tension release valve of the soul.” -LOIS-ism (Lessons, Opportunities, Insights and Solutions).

When people laugh, they relax, the feel more inspired and have more energy, optimism and are more open to shifting their perspective.

Walks Her Talk

Having overcome a serious eating disorder and debilitating stage fright, and felt stuck for years Lois understands first hand how our mental chatter can imprison us! But Lois also shows how motivation, humor, support and courage can free us up to reinvent how we see ourselves, our lives and what’s possible. With guts, gusto and guffaws, she shares a powerful process of how to shine bright, share your gifts and make a difference.


People find wit and wisdom through her LOIS-isms (Lessons, Opportunities, Insights and Solutions) and her quirky fresh perspective on how to overcome old stuck patterns that keep us small, scared and stuck.

Solid Content

A life-long learner with years of experience, she provides powerful playful and practical solutions delivered in an upbeat, interactive and light way.

Customized / Tailored

Lois does her homework and really takes the time to understand the needs of the group, the problems they are addressing and most of all aligns her content and stories to what you want your group to come away with.

Reach out to Lois here and let’s get this (laughing and learning) party started!

Here’s what Lois’ clients are saying:

“Your energy, humor, exercises and message really motivated my team.  They walked away feeling empowered both professionally & personally, and so did I!” 

-Terry Gomes, L’Oreal, AVP 

“Ms. Barth’s exuberant presence transformed a tired pre-caffeinated crowd into an enthusiastic one. She has an amazing ability to educate and inspire people to be courageous and take risks.”

-Horace Batson, PHD, EVP, Corporate Development at MHSP

“I had the pleasure of working with Lois Barth as the keynote speaker for our Unstoppable Women in Business Conference. From our first conversation I knew that I was working with a professional who not only cared about delivering content that would encourage and inspire our audience, but made the planning process run smoothly and inspire and motivate the group in the process I would highly recommend Lois Barth for your event.”

-Kisha Zullo, MBA, CMP, President of Events of Joy

“Lois is a Powerhouse! 350 women came away energized, inspired and full of great ideas! They talked about it for weeks afterwards.”

– Aliana Apodaca, SW Women’s Leadership Conference, TX

“As a member of the advisory board for the Wisconsin Bankers Association’s Women in Banking Conference, I recommended Lois as the keynote speaker. Her “Courage to Sparkle” talk was inspiring and entertaining. Here’s just a few glowing comments the committee heard after the conference: very fun and great personality and great message,” “engaging and inspiring,” “wonderful, entertaining, useful content,” and the best takeaway, “I hope to take this “Sparkle” with me in both my work and personal life. From the very beginning, Lois made me feel like a personal friend, not simply a paid speaker. Not only did she do a great job presenting but she helped me kick off a committee at my own office to keep the positive momentum going. I highly recommend Lois to speak at your next event!”

-Sonja Bjerkos, Vice President of Citizens First Bank,
Women in Banking Conference, Wisconsin Banking Assoc.