NYC Professional & Motivational Speaker Service

Yup, New York City, has been through A LOT! As I know, other states and countries have too! And we’re not giving up, not now, not ever! New York has a spirit, whether you live here or are visiting or on business that speaks for itself; UNSTOPPABLE!

And while we may not be back in full swing “YET,” and I do say yet, we still must keep our teams, departments, and organization healthy, with a powerful proactive mindset, help them deal with stress in an effective way, and learn skills and tools to boost productivity so we can come back New York strong!

So whether you’re looking to support your team in morale or productivity or both, and make it engaging and entertaining while giving them the tools to be resilient, stronger, more energized, Lois Barth, NYC Speaker, is the one for you!

Lois is a born and bred New Yawker. She knows first hand what it is to deal with the noise, the dirt, the crowds in NYC, and that’s before she leaves the front door! Living directly across the street from the largest hospital in all of NYC, her “background music,” is the combination of sirens, people yelling, and jackhammering.

Who, better than Lois, with over 20 years of combined experience as a speaker, coach, author, comedienne, and health care practitioner, could help your group stay motivated, stress less, and thrive more during these challenging times while being entertained and inspired at the same time. People come away with powerful tools, mindset shifts, and the ability to adapt to change with greater enthusiasm, confidence, and skill.

Lois skillfully blends humor, storytelling, and motivational hacks to uplift the groups she works with. If your company or business is searching for a professional speaker and motivational speaker in NYC, Lois is the one for the job!

Here are just a few things that Lois’ NYC Speaking Clients have said about Lois:

“We wanted to thank you for speaking at our event last week. You were truly wonderful and we received a lot of positive feedback from our guests. One of them even dropped off a bag of chocolate at my apartment to say THANKS!”

-Gwen Kahn
KBK Wealth Management

“Lois immediately energized the room through humor and compassion. It was exactly what our research personnel needed to lift them up! Her session resulted in such positive feedback from our group. Thank you for providing solutions for dealing with our stress and disguising it through entertainment and laughter!”

-Lois Mannon, Dir. of Research
Education N.Y.U Langone Medical Center

Going Virtual But Don’t Want Butt In Chair Boring Passive Programs!
Great ‘cause Lois doesn’t want that either!

She’ll create a terrific program for you that’s both virtual and live, and there’s lots of opportunity for engagement, interaction and fun!