Overcoming Overwhelm-A Four Step Process

The great thing about being a Speaker, Coach and Trainer is the opportunity to get to use my own “damn brilliant advice.” Clearly we teach what we have to learn! Last week while getting ready for my webinar “Soul Crushing to Soul Thriving Practices for the Solo-Preneur” (link to replay forthcoming), I was going over my notes around “Overcoming Internal Overwhelm” with my four step process and I figured, “Hey why not do it right now?”

So I stopped, closed my eyes, took a few long deep breath, and noticed my thoughts:

Step 1, Face it. I noticed that I had a lot of stress related thoughts, like going through all the things I had to address that week.

Step 2- Embrace It. Accept it! Don’t make myself wrong for thinking those thoughts (self criticism just brings on more of the same), just accept having an internal overwhelm conversation.

Step 3- Replace it. I merely asked myself if it was productive to keep thinking these thoughts to which a resounding “NO!” echoed through me. “What is more productive to believe?” I got quiet and the response was, “I focus on whatever is front of me and give it my full attention and somehow it all gets done.”

Step 4- Erase it. Amazingly, my loopy thoughts of what needed to get done melted away.

My whole day shifted from there, where I felt genuinely engaged with what I was doing, and as a result felt far less stress and greater ease and enjoyment in the day.

If you do this process on a regular basis (I sometimes need to do it a couple of times in a day), in not such a long period of time, you’ll notice a big shift.

Love Affair with Learning Tip: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, is a terrific book on how to address the 4 core different paradigms that stop people from going past a certain level of achievement and fulfillment (he calls it the “Upper Limit Problem”). From there, he guides you into making the shift into the Zone of Genius, which is when you’re spending more and more of your time doing what you love and love what you’re doing.
I highly suggest it. A real page-turner, and a life shifter!

Next week, I will be addressing Outer Overwhelm in my blog. We’re taking a short break in my Channel Trans-FUN-Mation vlogs during March, but will be revving back up in April.