Put the “Me” Back In Meaning!

So what do I “mean” by that? Well, in order to complete something in your life that’s been on your mind (i.e. re-launching my blog), you will need to deal with two major challenges (or at least these are the ones I see most often in myself, my clients, my friends and colleagues). These obstacles being our genetic DNA coding for procrastination, along with our personal “Dragons of Distraction.” So how do we overcome these?

By connecting with and embodying the meaning which drives our efforts. The meaning behind what we do, why we do it, and most importantly, what our efforts will bring to our lives and the lives of others. That’s where the “Me”-factor comes in. What part of “me” are we working to express? Which of my values, goals and passions will I be promoting through these efforts? Often we, especially as women, get so caught up, in doing for others, serving other’s agendas, or wanting to please, that we forget the “Me,” which gives our work true meaning. Men, you’re mired in that scenario too, you just have your own version!

So this week, as you are considering the next move in your completion initiative, I suggest you put the “Me” back in meaning.  Embody your goals, so they are real rather than theoretical. Banish them from that ever-rotating to-do-list.

For example, to succeed with my “Accessing My Inner Vixen,” initiative, I will make sure to create time to express my playfulness; a core value for me. In my life that means going to belly dancing and hip hop classes, because when I’m dancing and moving, I access my body’s own brilliant playful wisdom. I am more joyful, present and kinder to be around. These characteristics also carry me away from those afternoons when I’m glued to the computer.  Pushing me to take other areas of my work to the next level, labor to support the medical needs of some family elders and handle the many other details that clamor for my attention during the week. What holds “me-aning” for you in the world of your completion initiative? How can you express it this week?

I welcome your thoughts and ideas. I want to hear about your project!

I have a new section called, “Brain Candy,”  which will list books, workshops, articles, etc. that I hope will sweeten your life. My goal here is to provide valuable information for your exploration.

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