Relationship Coaching

“Choose your life mate carefully. From this one decision will come 90 percent of all your happiness or misery.”

– H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

How true I’ve found this to be! I grew up in a family where my Mom and Dad, Edie and Ben, adored each other for over 40 years. When one walked into a room, the other one lit up. They had a deep respect love for each other, laughed at each other’s and their own foibles regularly, and truly enjoyed each other’s company. Their profound connection was palpable. It was inspiring to watch, and I’m deeply grateful for that experience.

Years later, what mystified me the most was that both of their parents, my grandparents, had terrible, emotionally abusive, and loveless marriages. Together, my folks created their own template from nothing on how to not just fall in love but rise in love. They’ve been together for over four decades.

While it wasn’t perfect, as no relationship is without its flaws, I witnessed as a child and then an adolescent and a grown woman the qualities they shared and nurtured, and the deep role modeling they presented to us on what a vital partnership looks like.  

Seeing what’s possible and wanting to support others in attracting their life partner into their life and then building a loving, healthy, vibrant relationship is one of the most rewarding aspects of my coaching work.

Through that experience, I chose to become a relationship coach and work with both singles and couples. I’ve championed my clients to transition from old stuck relationship patterns to healthy life partnerships. Being a life long learner, deeply passionate about helping people reach their potential, I marshal my experience and expertise to accomplish the following results:

  • Creating positive mindsets and healthy habits around relationships.
  • How to communicate in a way that enhances connection, intimacy, and love.
  • Getting unstuck from dysfunctional relationship patterns.
  • Attract fulfilling relationships into your life.
  • Overcoming negative beliefs, behaviors, and blind spots
  • Clarifying your non-negotiable needs and wants
  • Understanding and appreciate gender differences and using those insights to create intimacy, understanding, and compassion.
  • Enhanced joy and pleasure in relationships.
  • How to use humor and playfulness in a way that fosters connection and powerfully addresses conflict and breakdowns.
  • How to heal past pains of previous hurts in relationships so that they can attract love and healthy relationships into their lives.
  • Understanding the difference between attraction and availability.
  • How to make the process of dating and courtship fun and interesting rather than gut-wrenching and disappointing.
  • Key elements that attract luscious life partnership into your life.

Ready to experience greater, joy, intimacy and success in your relationships? Schedule a 30-minute complimentary Discovery Call so I can get to know you, understand your needs and goals, briefly explain how I work, and see if and how we’re a fit. I look forward to speaking with you.

What results clients have gotten from working with Lois as a Relationship Coach:

“I first came to Lois because I was looking to make a shift in my career. Within the first 20 minutes of our session, I was able to connect to my deep grief about not being able to make a relationship work. It was then I learned that Lois was also a trained relationship coach! So I shifted my focus toward finding a life partner and followed her guidance. She helped me to envision how I could have more fun in a relationship. She encouraged me to bring my authentic self on dates and to my friendships and other relationships. Six months after working with Lois, not only did I find my soul mate but I feel more myself than ever before. Lois was, of course, one of the first people I invited to our wedding!”

— Kim

“At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about my girlfriend having someone who helped her with our relationship but I soon realized that Kim had a calmness about her and an openness to talking about small miscommunications that arose between us. This was new for me. She didn’t blame me for things. Ultimately, I felt lucky to be with someone who was receiving outside support and I appreciated the non-judgmental perspective that Lois contributed to our relationship.”

—Francois, Kim’s husband

“I am so grateful for the work we did together. You created such a loving and safe environment in which to explore and shift my limiting beliefs; to make stronger, clearer choices; and most importantly, to find my voice and speak clearly about what I require, need, and want from a relationship. 

You also beautifully validated what I bring to a relationship, and helped me see my qualities and strengths, so I no longer feel like I’m too much or not enough, but just me, and just right for the right man. 

Thank you so much for your clarity, wisdom, and insight—I feel more hopeful than I have in years!”

– Jenifer Madson, Founder, Mindful Leaders Academy

“Lois is a wonderful wonderful coach. She inspired and facilitated great changes inside my inner world. Lois invited me into the concept of self-love and that has forever changed my life. She has intuitive skills that are rare….she is a Soul Coach and a Life Enhancer. I am so grateful for her help in my awakening to self love. God bless u Lois…Your clients are so lucky to have you.”

– Marie Alfiers, ROM