Self-Care; The Ultimate Revolution Who a

Self-Care; The Ultimate Revolution
Who amongst us fabulous female population has a deep concern that Self-Care needs to be a project, a full-time job, or is separate from the rest of our lives?
Well, me for one, but I’m healing more each year from that deeply misguided notion.
My new mantra is “Happy Women, Happy Planet.”

I’ve always believed that women are the tipping point in making planetary changes, while I’m a huge fan of men (my guy Charlie can attest to that), there
is something extraordinary about a woman on fire. And yet how the inextinguishable light that burns brightly in all of us I believe, is often on dimmers when we don’t engage in the sacred and scintillating
act of self-care.

So here’s my promise/declaration, I’ve taken on a juicy morning practice for 90 Days and while I must surrender my Virgo perfectionism, in doing it 100% each day, but working on process not perfectionism.
I’m deeply committed to logging the insights and “gems” that will emerge from this practice for the next 90 days.

Won’t you join me in the conversation and see what emerges? I’d love it!

By the way, if you’re wondering what morning ritual (hey it could be evening if that’s a better time for you) is (it’s juicy):
Reading, Journaling, Meditating, Gratitude List, Vitamins, and Core/Stretching/ and either weights or rebounding.
And to the best of my ability it’s 8 hours of sleep around my Sweet Slumber hours 10-11pm, the sleep stuff is a slumber in progress.

What’s yours?
Make sure it lights you up since, hey, you don’t need another chore of something that’s a bore, but rather something you adore!
It’s all happening on my blog.