Shift Happens! Moving From Criticism to Curiosity

I am fascinated by the turnaround I witness in my clients when they shift their focus from criticism to curiosity. Especially starting with themselves!

When they are in self-critical mode, their body is rigid, and their voice is somewhat strained and tight. Conversely, when they get curious, their whole being changes – they relax, breathe deeper, and engage in more eye contact. Criticism engages one in the “blame game”, a very contractive state but Curiosity leads to personal responsibility, a far more expansive one. So how can you start shifting from criticism to curiosity when dealing with a personal or professional challenge in your life?

Here are 7 Scintillating Tips on Moving from Criticism to Curiosity:

1. Be childlike in your curiosity. Kids see everything as new, whether they just encountered the same issue or object, ten minutes ago.

2. See it as life’s luscious lesson.

3. Ask yourself, “What am I here to learn from this experience? What am I here to teach?” We often teach what we need to learn.

4. Have a sense of play. What part of it is so ironic, that you have to smile?

5. Have compassion. How would you support your best friend in the same situation?

6. Get curious, and then get going! Take an action (acceptance can be an action) and go on with your day and your life!

7. Call someone and get curious about how they are doing, and acknowledge them for who they are in your life.

Shift happens when you move from Criticism to Curiosity!

Please pass Lessons in Luscious Living on to people in your life, so EVERYONE can get….Luscious!

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