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Smart Sexy TV is committed to YOU! To exploring the “little things” in life, like how to actually start thinking and feeling better about ourselves, and our lives, the way our BFF’s and fans think about us. 

To stop putting “more” on our plate, but making choices on a daily basis that truly nourish us and enrich our lives. 

And yes telling the truth more, first to ourselves about what does and doesn’t work in our lives, and approach our lives with greater compassion and curiosity. BEST OF ALL, do something about it!

Having relationships that reflect the YOU that SPARKLES, not the “let me make sure they like me” you, which can put you on dimmers at best, and is soul-crushing at worst! 

The great news…   we don’t have to get “all serious” about “working on ourselves.” SMART SEXY TV is about turning our Ahas! into Hahas! where we can laugh and learn at the same time. After all, we’re people not projects and we’re up to fulfillment not fixing!

I created Smart Sexy TV as a dialogue, not a monologue. I want to hear from you. Let me know something you need some support on or would like SSTV to address? How is SSTV useful for you? Please be part of the conversation, your input, thoughts, feelings and ideas matter to me.

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I’d love for you to share your comments!