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Courage to SPARKLE: Creating a Life that Lights You Up

To “SPARKLE” is to shine bright, share your gifts, make a difference! 

Simple but not easy. We all have an inextinguishable light within us, but often life puts us on dimmers—especially given the challenging times we’re facing. The great news is that we can shift at any moment to choose courage over fear and, in doing so, make far more empowering choices that support us personally and professionally. The even better news is that when we celebrate that one-of-a-kind gem that we all are, we not only thrive but our co-workers, family, friends, and community benefits as well.

In this high-energy, and highly interactive program, your participants will come away with the following SPARKLE POWER PRINCIPLES:

  • How to Powerfully and Playfully Overcome Your Negative-Self Talk 
  • How Curiosity, Compassion, and Courage can Literally Change Your Life.
  • How to Make Changes without Overwhelming Yourself
  • How to Make a Difference for Others.

Courage to Sparkle has been met with rave reviews for opening and closing keynote, plenary, and can be in both keynote, workshop, and virtual presentation form. 

Resiliency / Productivity / Change / Communication / Self-Care

The 4C’s of Radical Resiliency During Really Challenging Times

Whatever changes are in your line of vision, or no matter the roadblocks in the past, each day you have the opportunity to think and act in ways that move you towards change, progress, and excellence. The key that unlocks the door is resiliency; the not just the ability to get by and hope things bounce back, but rather spring forward, increase your self-confidence, and develop skill sets that fuel your success in your personal and professional life. So, rather than merely getting by and going through challenging times, you can grow through them! This upbeat, insightful, and interactive workshop integrates the 4C Model of Radical Resiliency. Participants will come away with specific tools in addition to a specific plan of action defined by their individualized needs and goals. Following the 4C Model enables you to become stronger, wiser, and more confident when dealing with change or challenging situations.

Learning Outcomes

Participants who attend this program will be better able to…

  • Move from a reactive to a proactive mindset, and shift from fear to focused
  • Navigate the moving parts of change with greater performance
  • Stress less and strategize more, developing the lens of innovation
  • Strengthen communication and increase collaboration
  • Shift from boxed in gloom and doom thinking to creative problem solving
  • Create a specific resiliency plan of action


  1. Curiosity: How to move from criticism to curiosity
  2. Compassion: Treat yourself and others with greater kindness, generosity and patience.
  3. Connection: Understand and honor your own wiring and experience improved customer service, better teamwork, and increased productivity
  4. Courage: Skills to develop the ability to take actions towards greater engagement

Stress / Mindfulness / Productivity / Communication / Work-Life Fit

Stress Less… SPARKLE More

It’s easier to remain focused and not over-react when you’re feeling calm and relaxed. But what about the other 90% of the time, when life intervenes with all its challenges and stress? Juggling all of the obligations, responsibilities, and pressures you deal with in a day, it’s easy to feel like you’re chasing after your life rather than powerfully living it.

In this highly interactive and fun program, you will learn how you can distance yourself from Dimmers (negative people, challenging situations) and surround yourself with more influences in life that make you Shimmer (self-care, supportive people, dreams realized, etc.). 

Your participants will come away learning:

  • How to shift to a productive (versus just positive) mindset
  • Easy-to-apply ways to hit the pause button on stress
  • How to communicate effectively during a stressful time
  • The importance of humor in dealing with stress to create greater resiliency

As your organization or team gains greater mastery in dealing with stress, the results are a total win-win for you and them:

  • Greater productivity
  • Connected team
  • Healthy work culture
  • Effective communication
  • More engagement with their projects, responsibilities, and goals

Women and Leadership/Diversity/Communication/Empowerment

“Shatter Your Inner and Outer Glass Ceiling: How to Communicate with Power, Professionalism and Pizzazz”

(Each session is a stand-alone, or multi-module program)

I have the pleasure of working with so many smart, savvy and hard-working professional women who are consistently hitting “ceilings,” both internally and externally. When not addressed, these limitations can stop them from realizing their full potential. However, by addressing both internal and external messaging and implementing these powerful communication strategies, I’ve seen women repeatedly achieve a new level of confidence and presence. Once empowered, they can effectively advocate for themselves and other women. This has been the case when I’ve brought this content and programming to women in many other male-dominated professions, including the energy, legal, financial, transportation, and advertising industries. 

Now is the time to empower the women in your organization and help them step into a new leadership level with confidence, poise, and power.

Below is the overview of all three modules, along with learning outcomes and fee structure:

Part I: Stop Hiding, Start Shining!

In this interactive, upbeat and motivational program, participants will learn how to:

  • Identify and overcome limiting beliefs and internal/external messaging that often undermines women’s potential.
  • Prioritize empowering behaviors that will elevate their confidence, poise, and power.

Part II: Communicating with Confidence in a Male-Dominated Culture

In this program, participants will learn how to:

  • Apply the trifecta of compelling communication tools–language, tone, and image–that boost their professionalism and presence.
  • Effectively navigate communication challenges (i.e: interruptions, credit appropriation, etc.) that women face in male-dominated industries.

Part III: Creating a Community of Support and Advocacy

In this program, participants will learn how to:

  • Use simple storytelling techniques to educate clients, create value and close deals, while elevating themselves in the process.
  • Integrate proven methods that create a culture where women actively support and elevate each other.

Audiences and Industries for all these programs:

  • Corporate
  • Women and Leadership
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Healthcare/Medical
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales Conference
  • Team Building
  • Lunch and Learn
  • Fundraisers
  • Regional and National Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Insurance
  • Finance/Banking
  • Women in Male-Dominated Industries
  • Networking Events
  • Professional Associations Meeting
  • Virtual and In-Person (post COVID-19)

While these are each stand-alone programs that can be used as a keynote, workshop, or breakout session, they can also be mixed and matched accordingly to meet your group’s goals.

The combination most clients use for meetings, conferences, and conventions is to book Lois for a keynote and then have her do a breakout workshop. By integrating both, it’s a great way to make the main principles of your event concrete. Your group will come away with specific tools they can apply directly to their lives. 

Lois integrates her unique blend of storytelling and humor and uses metaphors and humor as learning tools, with psychologically-based tools that enhance engagement and a call to action. She calls it creating a laugh and learn environment.

When thinking of which program or combination of programs are right for your event, speak to Lois directly. Lois does her homework and will have an in-depth conversation with you to further identify your group’s needs and goals, along with powerfully communicating the mission and vision of your company and organization.