Stop Beiging Yourself Out!

I look to nature as the great teacher for so many things, trust in the cycle of life, the omnipresence of abundance and grace, and most lately; CELEBRATING YOUR MOST VIVID VIBRANT BEAUTIFUL SELF TO THE WORLD.

Stop beiging yourself out!

As kids, we are so connected to all of our multi-faceted fabulousness, and then in time, we fade; concerned that people won’t really like us if they knew “the real us.” We hide the most alive vibrant hues of our essence behind closed doors.

Just look at this gorgeous burned orange tree! What if it said, ‘wait a second all the trees around me are more muted, more subtle, if I keep showing my color, I’ll stand out too much!’ What a tragedy it would be!

I started writing “almost” daily posts a bit more than 20 days ago because I was feeling a tad “beige” in my life, less connected to my creativity, my spirit, my SPARKLE! and wanted to return to my most vivid colors, and writing is one of my favorite pathways to get there.

Give yourself a challenge, every day, in small and big ways, take one action to celebrate and be unabashed celebratory for your most vibrant alive self.

Thanks for tuning in and not tuning out!

What’s one way you’ll stop beiging yourself out today!