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Lessons Learned in 2013 thus far. Not what you’d expect!

I was very much looking forward to a quiet New Year’s with our dear friends Pat and Kim, up the road from us. A beautiful simple dinner, one of my favorite recipes, Rosemary Chicken with New Potatoes and Fennel, followed by watching a movie in their fantabulous home theatre, complete with surround sound and theatre… Read more »

Tis the season to be…..? You Decide!

It is so easy to be affected by our outside world, whether it’s the craziness of having to do last-minute shopping for the holidays, concern around finances, dreading the “Pink Elephant in the living room,” type of family events. Even all the joyful aspects of the holidays, connecting with people you care about, socializing etc…. Read more »

They Don’t Call It A Good Cry For Nothing

“Tears are the water that loosen the soil of the weeds from our past.” – Lois Barth (me!) I’m always amazed at the power of a good cry. I’m equally amazed, even though I know it and have experienced it first hand, at what a good cry opens up in my life. This weekend was a… Read more »