Take Pleasure Lovin’ on People; ESPECIALLY the unsung heroes

My Mom, Edie, was the Love Ambassador of the Underdog, she almost always made the unappreciated appreciated; and then some. To see people light up by simply being loved on, was one of the most important memories of my life.

Yesterday, I truly was reminded of the pleasure of lovin’ on people. The saga of my wasp sting continues, it hurt and itched like the devil and felt scary. I wasn’t going to mess around. I went to a new urgent care center, the woman picked up the phone, and when I said, “Thank you for your service,” she lit up. “Oh my God, thank you so much for saying that!” I was surprised by her reaction. I asked her if people thanked her regularly, and she told me, sadly, hardly ever, and she gets mostly complaints with all the COVID protocols.

I told her that she was truly the everyday hero, who is in the trenches day in day out, helping people, while exposing herself not only to COVID but a host of other ailments. And how her courageous service allows me the good fortune of well-being, and how grateful I am to her and her team. She was so happy to hear that.

She was just as lovely in person as over the phone, downright bubbly. She introduced me to her colleague, Hope. We laughed that you can’t have a better name for an urgent care service provider than Hope.

The team couldn’t be nicer and more professional. After my visit, I said, “I don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, donuts, muffins, or cookies.” She laughed and said, “Muffins, definitely, we’re a muffin crowd.”

The joy of buying a dozen muffins, a few cups of Joe, and writing out a thank you card with all their names in Halloween colors, and meeting her in the parking lot of urgent care mitigated the chronic itch and pain in my right arm.

I felt high for the rest of the day!

I’m so tired of all this hype about celebrities, and other “famous” people (not the same as true leaders and luminaries) when there are everyday heroes amongst us that deserve to be celebrated.

For today, give yourself the pleasure of lovin’ on an everyday hero, and let the unappreciated feel cherished!

Special thanks to all the kind FB comments, calls, and texts from my tribe who have loved on me regarding the wasp sting. I felt very loved on as well!

Beyond grateful it’s not cellulitis but a garden variety reaction (happy to be in the boring/normal category on this one!) to a wasp sting.