The Deliciousness of Deleting

Deliciousness has many flavors and nuances to it. It can be a wonderful summer night, the first taste of watermelon, or a slow dance with your sweetheart. But deliciousness also has a practical side that can bring about just as much peace and joy. And I call that the deliciousness of deleting.

One of the common complaints my clients tell me about is too much clutter and not enough time. When I ask them if they have 15 minutes a day, three days a week, to transform the clutter in their life, they say, “Yes, of course.” I tell them to buy a timer, put on great music, and pick a pet peeve project and “Get delicious with their decluttering!”

For me, my pet project is my desktop. The clarity of thought I have when I sit down to a clear desktop is profound. All sorts of creative ideas and thoughts bubble to the surface.

When I get stuck in the “more is better” ideal by adding projects, ideas and things “to do” list, things can get out of control. I find that setting a timer for 15 minutes, putting on great music, and playing “beat the clock” with my inner Oscar Madison, is a rejuvenating experience. If you think of it, 15 minutes a day, 3 days a week = 3 hours a month on creating a sane and scintillating life. Big builds on small.