The Myth of “Making Up for Lost Time” and the Power of Consistency in Daily Life

I remember one of my early journal entries from decades ago, “I’m 12 years old, what am I doing with my life?” When I think back to it now it makes me laugh but in a bittersweet “wow didn’t know what I didn’t know” kinda way. All those years of constantly feeling like I had to catch up to this mythical race that others were winning and I was still at the starting gate with sandbags attached to both thighs. All it did was keep me bounding between hamster wheel activity, exhaustion, and long bouts of inertia and overwhelm.

But so many of us do that, all the time, and it robs us of our joy, health, presence, and connection with self and others. I see that now AND I always need to be mindful of that part of me that can easily go into default mode and continue down the spiral path of “perpetual catch-up mode.”

The one “accidental gift” of COVID is to really get the preciousness of so many simple yet foundational things many of us may have taken for granted; good health, a simple walk in the park (with no mask), seeing good friends, a lovely meal, and just connection. I know I certainly did!

And yet as the months go by, and with the recent tragic uptick of COVID, time is getting mushy again with old restrictions being reinstated. How do we still manage to stay inspired and get stuff done? For some of you it may be a no-brainer, but for the rest of us mere mortals, it “ain’t so simple.”

Today I wanted to share a scheduling tool that I’m “trying on” this week that I hope will help you. I call it my “Morning Power Block.” Just this week from Monday through Friday, I’m experimenting by starting my workday by blocking out time, 3.5 hours to be exact, to work 1 hour each on 3 major goals and 30 minutes for my major pleasure; organizing and systematizing my office, my website, my goal to secure a part-time/consultancy position in my field of human development, and of course my fb/blog post. Today is the first day and I already feel different.

This process takes the decision making out of “what to do first” it’s already in my schedule. I am sure there’ll be fits and starts and breakthroughs and breakdowns along the way, that’s life. But my job is to start my workdays with my top goals in mind.

It’s time to let go of “making up for lost time,” it ain’t coming back. We got what we got, and there were tons of values and lessons in the process. But what we have in front of us every day is an opportunity to forge ahead in whatever way speaks to you.

So I ask you what are some of the ways you are letting go of this myth of “making up for lost time,” and forging forward imperfectly and ongoingly. I’d love to know.

When we share our process, it’s a great reinforcement for ourselves AND we get to learn from each other.

I wish you a productive (versus busy) day where you get to “produce” that which holds meaning and importance for you!

Many blessings and as always, “thanks for tuning in and not tuning out!”