The Nine Saboteurs

How Learning About My Top Saboteurs Impacted My Life (for the better)
by Lois Barth, Human Development Expert, Speaker, Coach and Author

As a Human Development Expert, Speaker, Coach, and Author, one of the many things I do as an NYC Stress Management and Mindfulness Speaker and Facilitator is help individuals and groups address their stress powerfully but also playfully. This can run the range of cutting-edge mind-body-centering techniques that change your brain chemistry and enhance what’s called brain plasticity. Basically, that means the ability for the brain to develop and become more agile and less impacted by stress. But in addition, really look at your saboteurs through the lens of different over-the-top cartoon characters run amok. What this does is honor our saboteurs but also not take them too seriously. Humor Is the tension relief valve of the soul.
Imagine if you experienced less stress what could be possible? More meaningful relationships, a greater sense of well-being, willingness to take more inspired risks, and greater productivity.
The list is endless.
Imagine my glee when a colleague introduced me to positive intelligence and amazing training on how to actively change how your body responds to stress and move from fight-flight-freeze to what I call the “move and groove” part of your brain is merely minutes a day! I was stoked.
There’s so much more to say, I give training, speeches, and many other programs in addition, but the most pivotal piece is to take a saboteur assessment and see who your Top Three Saboteurs are. That my friend will give you the keys to the kingdom of knowing how you’re wired and what to do about it.
There’s so much to say, but in short, my top three are hypervigilant, stickler, and hyper-achiever. I wasn’t surprised but OMG it made a HUGE difference. Now when I put myself out there in way more uncomfortable and fruitful ways and I go into “fight/flight” or I’m about to, I have a totally different reaction. I see my trifecta of stress being these chaotic tightrope walkers where the bar is very high, the fall is very deep and the margin of error very narrow. I have a whole series of breathing visualization techniques that take about 2 minutes at the most, and guess what it REALLY shifts?
And when I work with PQ models with teams they start to see where their conflict with others and what started out as being at odds with each other, they can laugh, learn, and create new strategies.
So, what about you? Given all the chaos and uncertainty in the world right now, what would be possible with you and your team if you understood the depth of what role your saboteur plays in your life and more importantly how to shift that.
You game? I hope so! 

The first step is to fill out this saboteur assessment and email it to me at I’m happy to set up a 30-minute “virtual coffee” where we can create different strategies to really address your stress. No pressure, obligation, or hard sell, for real!
Look forward to hearing from you.