The Power of Asking

One of my COVID projects is to launch a new website, and every month the heel marks got a little lighter, and knock on wood the new site will hopefully be up the end of October, mid-November. The last few days I’ve been working on the testimonial page, and truly touched by all the amazing folks I’ve had the gift to work with through these last many years. I also realized there were a few people I hadn’t asked that I would love one from.

What fascinated me the most is the internal struggle I had to “make the ask.” How ironic because one of the many things I do is coach people on how to advocate for themselves, so they can grow personally and professionally and part of that is asking for leads, recommendations and testimonials. I laughed as I watched my “crappy first drafts” of emails have what’s called “qualifiers” basically apologies and back doors in drag! Words like “if it’s ok,” “if you don’t mind,” “no pressure,” and I smiled because they are the exact phrases I would nicely call my clients out for using.

As women, we’re notorious for asking for what we want, on so many levels, not all women, but most I find. No matter how successful, confident, blah blah blah, it just brings up alot.

So Ms. Walk Your Talk Courage to SPARKLE Lady took a deep breath, put on her big girl pants (thanks to COVID they’re increasing in size!!! LOL!!) and I made a simple ask.

My clients and colleagues couldn’t have been more gracious, willing, or generous. Words poured back like, “OMG!” Of course, “I’d love to,” which touched my heart.

Learning is re-learning, and often in doing difficult things, life, ironically, gets easier and infinitely more rewarding!

How about you? What ASK do you need to make right now? What support do you need to do it? How would by doing it, would it make you grow, and help you live your life with way more SPARKLE!

I’d love to know!