They Know You know Do they know you Care

by Lois Barth, Courage to SPARKLE, Human Development Expert, Speaker, Coach, and Author

Truezday Tuesday- What’s true for me!

Yesterday I had an experience on the streets of NYC that I wasn’t expecting, a young girl was leaning against the building in dire pain and bleeding. Luckily she was with her Mom, although her Mom momentarily went into the store to try to get help and then called 911. I did what I could (not a lot, but I’m committed to taking a first aid/CPR course after yesterday) but mostly I stayed with her, looked her in the eye, and showed concern, and let her know she would be ok and was not alone. Minutes later, I did the same for her Mom as her daughter was being put in the ambulance and given oxygen and IV.

I was pretty shaken up after that and teary. I knew next time, god forbid I wanted to “know more,” and be properly trained for emergencies like that.

Today I woke up thinking about past experiences for me to be of service both personally and professionally. I thought of the most amazing opportunities that I’ve been given as a performer, speaker, coach, and writer, and while yes, “I knew enough” of what I was doing to get the job, I know in my heart it was because I truly cared, that tipped the scales.

And yes we need to be on top of our game, to keep learning and growing in our expertise. But what I see over and over in my work helping heart-centered go-getters gain greater success, meaning, and impact is that they care. You can be an expert, have devoted decades to your work, network within an inch of your life, but the people who glean the most meaning in their lives are those who lead with their heart. They care, they show they care, not in a check off-the-box way, but in their words, actions, and behaviors. And that’s their commitment.

We have become so distracted as a culture with the need to be “heard above the noise” is deafening. It’s easy to keep throwing things against a wall looking at what will stick. Or creating an alleged “foolproof” strategy that can’t fail (we’ve all been there). What I find works in business and life is genuinely caring, and being consistent and committed in that care, not because it “looks good” or something good will happen, but because it’s who you are.

We have all kinds of initiatives in companies, like empathy, EQ, EI, and those are essential to transform a culture, and I’m beyond delighted to see that happening. Yet sometimes bringing care and compassion into one’s life and culture can be as simple as pausing, taking a moment, and really allowing yourself to care, and actively letting others know as well that they matter.

Common Sense: Uncommonly Practiced- LOIS-ism

And that’s what’s true for me today on #TruzdayTuesday.

Who and how will you show your care today? I’d love to know.