Think of Rain as Giving the Planet a Bath

When I was a little kid I would think of rain as God’s way of giving the earth a bath. I smile when I think of my innocence but also the wisdom of a child’s mind. And yet after the rain, I notice how fresh, clean, and oxygenated the air feels. I actually love the light mist when it’s slightly drizzling. As long as I don’t have suede shoes, not wearing a nice dress, or trying to get somewhere in a timely manner. And of course, it isn’t freezing, bitter, damp, and a car hasn’t come way too close to the curb and splashed water all over my raincoat!

I sometimes visualize a light drizzle as washing off some old outdated beliefs, or the raindrops dancing on my face, or experiences that no longer serve me, and presenting me with a fresh beginning.

Obviously, when we have day after day rainy grey days it’s a bummer, but when we can reframe the typical response and see it in a more productive and creative spin, we come away energized.

How about you? On this rainy day? How can you reframe a challenging experience you are going through in a more productive way. Not about slapping a happy band-aid and being in denial but rather choosing to look at it with a newer fresher perspective. I’d love to know!

Sending you a sunny virtual hug on this rainy day!