Three-part mantra to live by The Body Doesn’t Lie. You Can’t Boss Around Your Heart. You Can’t NOT Know What Not Know.

I find that these three simple but profound principles have been a huge anchor for me ESPECIALLY in times like this where days weeks and months have all congealed together like the three-month-old meatloaf in the back of your fridge that was once a promising option for dinner and now looks like a bad science experiment! These are strange stressful times for sure. And uncertainty is the main course we are served at the just-about-all-you-can-ingest open 24 hours diner of life.

So when I can just stop, breathe, and go inside myself, and remind myself that The Body Doesn’t Lie. Your mind can say “of course I’m ok with that,” while our body freezes up with dread, and is screaming “no” it’s not ok, that’s who you need to listen to.

Or you may “want to feel a certain way,” about a person, situation, but you’ve sat with it awhile and you just ain’t feeling it.

Or something doesn’t “make sense” on paper, but your heart feels happy when you think about doing it!

Or lastly, when we “pretend” to not know what we know, we violate the deepest gift we have; our BS meter that desperately knows it’s not ok.

I was born a truth seeker, a truth speaker, and a truth sharer, and it’s literally the DNA of my soul. But for years and even now if I’m not careful denial mixed with remnants of the Recovering Good Girl Syndrome has stopped me from really acknowledging it. Luckily the truth lives within us and is always readily available and oh so willing to break the denial or rationale that we’re trying desperately to spoon-feed ourselves. But it simply doesn’t work.

So today I would love to know, how does my three-part mantra to live by:

The Body Doesn’t Lie. You Can’t Boss Around Your Heart.

You Can’t NOT Know What Not Know… resonate for you?

How will you integrate it into your day today?

I’d love to know.

Thanks for tuning in and not tuning out.