‘Tis the Season for a 2.0 YOU! Upgrade!

by Lois Barth, Human Development Expert, Speaker, Coach, and Author

Tis the season to “GIVE YOURSELF a 2.0 YOU! Upgrade!

I’m on the phone with Apple Care yet again, moaning about my almost brand new computer going slower than I’d like. The Genius at the other end says, “Lois, you’re all good you just need to upgrade your operating system.” “Again!” I protest. “It seems just like 3 months ago, I upgraded to Snow Leopard, and before that Tiger, you guys are gonna run out of creatures from the animal kingdom.” The genius responded, “Lois, that was 18 months ago, and we’re on to Mountain Ranges; Sierra, Big Sur, and by the way, you’re ready for Monterey OS!”

We laughed. They indulged my few moments of moaning and whining, followed by 30 minutes of gushing and gratitude, when my MacMini was purring at the speed of technology, with new features and options to use.

Guess what? It’s no different with us! When we “upgrade” our “own operating system,” how we show up in our lives, the new beliefs we step into, and the actions we take, our lives run more smoothly, with more grace and ease, and yes, more possibilities.

The holidays are a wonderful time to be with loved ones and celebrate! But it’s also a great time to first pat yourself on the back for getting through another year of Pandemic Part II: The New Abnormal. With all the turns, changes, roadblocks, and “growth opportunities,” along the way and all you’ve accomplished (it’s more than you think) it’s time to step into your 2.0 YOU! Upgrading Your Own Operating System!

And now’s your chance to do it!

Introducing: (Drum Roll Please) my new  2.0 YOU! Upgrading Your Own Operating System program that I’ve been bringing to organizations, groups, and companies!

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In the meantime I wish you a wonderful holiday season, stay safe, healthy, and vibrant!