Today is my birthday and I’ve been…

Today is my birthday and I’ve been love-bombed with cards, songs, emails, gifts, and just the abundance of love in my life. And then today I woke up to this gorgeous review from a woman Stephanie Huston LLC, I never even met and didn’t even see two years ago when she wrote it.

Life is better when we find ways to SPARKLE!

Of all the great gifts I have in my life, having people I love, and who love me, is amongst the best!

For my birthday please tell me what the best gift in YOUR life is?

Big Sparkle hugs to everyone!

I find it helpful to keep intellectually stimulated. Book of the week Club, “A Tree goes out of Sweet Potato.” A rural spin on a classic urban tale born of denial, laziness in cooking, and a proclivity towards low fat frozen yogurt as my carb of choice!

One way or another I will get to the root of my starchy vegetable consumption cycle and calendarize accordingly.

Once I get out of my sweats…..from 3 days ago.

Fyi-A close but distant first cousin of Sammy the Whale of a Sweet Potato Dad from yesterday.


When we find the funny and celebrate the absurd we change our perspective….and our life!