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Change/Goal Setting/Positive Intelligence/Mindfulness


Lois’ new 2.0 YOU! Upgrading Your Own Operating System Program

Ready for your group or team to make a reset? Actually get EXCITED about change?

Check out Lois’ 2.0 YOU!: Upgrading Your Own Operating System

  • Could your virtual programs use a dose of energy and fun?
  • Need to show your people how much they are valued?
  • And inspire them to embrace an upcoming change?
  • Take the overwhelm out of goal setting?

Imagine what would be possible if your group could see change from a place of excitement? 

Are you ready for an expert who doesn’t just give advice but gives you a plan of action, and gets your people actively engaged in the program?

Just like our computers need consistent upgrades to keep their operating system running at top performance, so do we! It’s a wonderful time to reflect, review, and revisit practical and powerful strategies and solutions that will support you being at the top of your game; not only professionally but personally.

2.0 YOU! Upgrading Your Own Operating System is a highly interactive, motivating, and uplifting program that supports individuals and teams to make continuous improvement by giving themselves an “upgrade” in how they operate while building practices that increase performance, productivity, support wellness, and being a stronger team member while coming away motivated and energized.

“We brought Lois in for her 2.0 YOU!: Upgrading Your Own Operating system for a client event, and it was a total hit! The combo of her energy, humor, and fresh innovative approach, and substantive content, really rang true for our group, and they came away so motivated and entertained. Thanks, Lois!”

-J.R. Mktg. Mgr. of Global Services Company

Resiliency / Productivity / Change / Communication / Work-Life Fit / Mindfulness

Radical Resiliency During Really Challenging Times

Whatever roadblocks are in your line of vision, each day you have the opportunity to think and act in ways that move you towards change, progress, and excellence. The key that unlocks the door is resiliency; the not just the ability to get by and hope things bounce back, but rather spring forward, increase your self-confidence, and develop skill sets that fuel your success in your personal and professional life. So, rather than merely getting by and going through challenging times, you can grow through them!

This upbeat, insightful, and interactive virtual workshop will help your group achieve the following:

Learning Outcomes

Participants who attend this program will be better able to…

  • Move from a reactive to a proactive mindset, and shift from fear to focus 
  • Navigate the moving parts of change with greater performance
  • Stress less and strategize more, developing the lens of innovation
  • Strengthen communication and increase collaboration
  • Shift from boxed in gloom and doom thinking to creative problem solving

“Lois and I met a few years ago at a Society of Women Engineering conference where she was the opening keynote. I can always count on Lois for encouragement and helpful feedback. Recently I brought her in to present her Radical Resiliency virtual presentation for Kimley-Horn’s Women LIFT (Lasting Impact for Tomorrow) program. Her program was so much more than we could hope for. Lois provided encouragement, critical thinking, and helped our women in practice through the effects of the Imposter Syndrome and tips on how to develop resiliency during these hard times.”

 – Eileen M. Vélez-Vega, PE (PR, FL, USVI)| Vice-President Kimley-Horn Puerto Rico, LLC, Director of the Society of Women Engineers, Board of Directors

Motivation / Mindset / Courage / Humor / Engagement / Authenticity / Stress Management / Mindfulness

How to Stay Sane and Sparkle!

Let’s be real! It’s been an unprecedented year where days, weeks, and months have mushed together like that three-month-old meatloaf in the back of your fridge that looks more like a science experiment than what was once dinner. What month are we in now? Seventeen! 

From morning to night, we’ve had to RE-ZOOM some semblance of our life while balancing work, home life, some of us doing business with barking dogs and screaming children in the background, others with screaming dogs and barking children! Not easy is an understatement!

And just like our yoga pants (by the way, is anyone really doing yoga?) have been stretched beyond recognition, so too have we felt stretched beyond our limits, having to do more with less, during this period of seismic change and uncertainty. 

And yet, history is living proof that many of our greatest ideas and innovations come from our darkest struggles. Today is no different. What I have found to be true, that makes that possible, is our innate ability as humans to be resilient. It’s in all of us!

Join this creative, upbeat (yes, I did say upbeat!) and interactive (virtual) program, How to Stay Sane and Sparkle! In it, Lois Barth, Human Development Expert, Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Author will help us deal with stress, find the funny (it’s always there), and develop resiliency while integrating personal and professional obligations and responsibilities. 

Come join us and find playful, practical, and powerful ways to do just that! Let’s connect, laugh, learn, and remember to STAY SANE AND SPARKLE! Not your same ol’ same ol’ butt in chair passive learning model, Lois engages, entertains but also provides solid tools and techniques for dealing in these difficult times. Lois always tailors her material to meet the goals and needs of the group she’s presenting to!

Here’s what her clients and participants are saying:

“Lois sparkles! She recently presented her virtual program for Baruch College alumni on how to “Stay Sane and Sparkle,” during the 2020 holidays despite the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The program was very well received, and the alumni were engaged from start to finish. Lois is informative, empowering, and entertaining. She is a fun and energetic presenter, a great listener, and an empathetic and supportive coach. I strongly recommend Lois for any corporation or organization looking to boost employee morale, create community, and empower individuals to live their most authentic life.”

– Janet B. Rossbach, Director, Alumni Relations and Volunteer Engagement for Baruch College

“Lois is an outstanding speaker and engaging presenter. I would highly recommend her for any speaking opportunity. (Hyperlink) Lois is professional, resourceful, very creative and she brings 110% of herself to the project. She brought her program to us virtually Skype (which can be a challenging for a live audience) and it was as if she was in the room with us. She was able to interact with the audience seamlessly and inspire many deeply. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her and hope to work with her again soon. Lois is a bright and talented speaker who encouraged us all to have the Courage to Sparkle!

– Melanie Capobianco
Manager of Career and Business Development at Ontario Bar Association

“You were energetic, had a great sense of humor, and kept me engaged during the virtual “Stay Sane and Sparkle” workshop. Your Courage to SPARKLE book and workbook will help me to focus on myself, especially in this unprecedented time.”

– Sharon Samuel, Director, Organization Development

“Lois had a very challenging task ahead of her on a technological as well as group level.

She presented a workshop via video teleconferencing with fourteen different departments at the same time..on video! It made my head spin just looking at it!

But she nailed it. She tailored her presentation to Capital One Bank’s needs. Understanding our work/life balance and challenges with stress, she brought her unique form of expertise, humor and SPARKLE! She was very motivating, told great stories, made us laugh, but also showed us her techniques, which brought an immediate calmness to everyone in the room. In addition, she added personalized tweaks that celebrated team members, and boosted morale. For weeks after the event, people were still talking about her fun loving style and how helpful her “Stress Less…Thrive More” presentation was.”

-Melody Jackson, CSS
Capital One Bank